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INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS: Occidental College holds membership in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division III, and the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC). Occidental believes that our students exemplify the true meaning of the term "student-athlete" by successfully blending these two experiences. The College offers twenty-one intercollegiate sports, 10 for men and 11 for women.

Baseball (S)Basketball (F,S)
Basketball (F,S)Cross-Country (F)
Cross-Country (F)Golf (S)
Football (F0Lacrosse (S)
Golf (S)Soccer (F)
Soccer (F)Softball (S)
Swimming and Diving (F,S)Swimming and Diving (F,S)
Tennis (S)Tennis (S)
Track and Field (S)Track and Field (S)
Water Polo (F)Volleyball (F)
 Water Polo (F)

(F) = Fall
(S) = Spring 

INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES: In addition to offering competitive intercollegiate athletics, the College has a wide variety of intramural activities. Many additional activities are offered for students whose interests are largely recreational.

Intramural sports range from flag football and basketball to volleyball. Both league competition and special tournaments are offered throughout the year. League sports are mixed and all students are encouraged to participate.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: A full range of instructional activity classes is offered to Occidental students. Although Occidental College does not have a physical activity requirement, students are encouraged to take advantage of the courses offered to achieve the goal of lifetime involvement in physical activity. The aim of the activity program is to provide instruction, develop an understanding of the relationship of fitness and long-term health and to encourage the development of lifetime social skills. The essence of a liberal arts education is truly manifested in the philosophy of a "sound mind in a sound body." Students may take as many Athletic and Physical Activities courses as they like, but a maximum of four may be applied to graduation. These courses are graded Credit/No Credit only. All Athletic and Physical Activities courses, as well as Intercollegiate Sports participation, have one unit course credit.

CLUB SPORTS: Recognized as a valuable part of the Occidental experience, club sports offer a recreational outlet for students in an informal setting while providing them with experience in structuring and running an organization.

COURSE FEES: Most courses do have equipment rental or instructor fees. These are noted below. Students may sign up for courses in advance during normal registration or may wait until the first day of the class. Check the college catalog supplement for instructor and meeting time/place.

RECREATION: Occidental College has excellent recreational facilities. They include a weight training area, Olympic all-weather track, outdoor swimming pool, seven tennis courts, and complete intercollegiate and intramural fields and facilities for all major intercollegiate athletic teams, club sports, intramurals and recreation.

Facilities may be reserved through the Department of Athletics.

All courses are given on a Credit/No Credit basis.



Requirements vary depending on the activity. Please see the "Courses" tab for more information.



104 - Fitness, Advanced Conditioning

This particular section is for serious trainers who want to concentrate on the development of the physique through a strenuous strength and plyometric program. We will execute specific exercises designed to develop explosive muscle mass and definition. Prior powerlifting experience is required.
1 Unit

110 - Fall Intercollegiate Athletics

Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Men's & Women's Cross Country, Football, Men's & Women's Soccer, Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving, Volleyball, Men's Water Polo. Prerequisite: permission of the coach during season of competition.
1 Unit

111 - Spring Intercollegiate Athletics

Baseball, Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Women's Lacrosse, Softball, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, Men's & Women's Track & Field, Women's Water Polo. Prerequisite: permission of the coach during season of competition.
1 Unit

121 - Lacrosse - Men

Instruction in regularly scheduled practices with competitive intercollegiate club opportunities. Open to all students. 
1 Unit

123 - Rugby - Men

Instruction in regularly scheduled practices with competitive intercollegiate club opportunities. Open to all students. 
1 Unit

124 - Rugby - Women

Instruction in regularly scheduled practices with competitive intercollegiate club opportunities. Open to all students.
1 Unit

125 - Dance Team

Includes performing at football and basketball games as well as at on-campus events, and off-campus dance competition in the Spring. Auditions held at the end of Spring Semester for the following year's team (freshmen & transfer student auditions in the Fall). Full year commitment required.
1 Unit

126 - Cheerleading

Includes performing at football and basketball games, spirit rallies, and other on-campus events. Open to all students. Auditions will be held in Spring Semester for the following year's squad (freshmen & transfer student auditions will be in Fall). Full year commitment required.
1 Unit

127 - Cardio Tennis

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) promotes cardio tennis as a group activity featuring a circuit of drills that consistently elevate the heart rate into the aerobic training zone. Short cycles of high intensity work-outs and periods of rest similar to interval training. Course Fee $125.
1 Unit

128 - Spin I - Beginning

Spin I is an introductory course designed to expose students to the terminology and movements of cycling while preparing them for the advanced rides of Spin II. Course Fee: $125.
1 Unit

129 - Introductory Hip Hop

Students will learn the fundamentals of hip hop dance and will gain experience in learning hip hop choreography. Course Fee $125.
1 Unit

130 - Boot Camp

Instructor will guide participants through numerous physical and mental challenges which will build inner and outer strength. Course will help build leadership skills for every individual in different scenarios.  Students will participate in different cardiovascular, strength, and conditioning exercises. We will build toward the Marine Corps physical fitness test (PFT) which consists of a 3 mile run, maximum of 20 pull ups (men)/60 second hold on pull up bar (women), and maximum of 100 sit ups. Course Fee $125.
1 Unit

131 - Spin II - Advanced

Spin II is an advanced cycling course for students who have completed Spin I, or who can demonstrate proficient knowledge of terms and riding ability. Course Fee: $125.
1 Unit

133 - Circuit Weight Training

Class concentrates on improving overall fitness through the use of an aerobic weight training program.  Circuit training is a combination of high-intensity aerobic and resistance training, primarily through the use of weight machines.  It is ideal to help control body weight, tone muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. Course Fee: $125.
1 Unit

134 - Beginning Yoga

Learn the fundamentals and history of the practice of Yoga.  Over the course of the semester, the practice will become more and more challenging, and in depth; making gains in strength, flexibility, and the mental aspects of Yoga.  Focuses will include:  breathing techniques, proper posturing, different styles of Yoga, the physiological side, mental side, and meditation side of Yoga. Course Fee: $125.
1 Unit

135 - Out-of-Season Conditioning

This intensive course focuses on sport-specific training, injury prevention, strength-building, conditioning and fitness programming. The class is designed for the advanced athlete, and includes strength training, plyometrics, and aerobic conditioning with specific application to athletic performance.
1 Unit

148 - Ultimate Frisbee

With similarities to soccer, basketball, and football, this class will provide instruction in throwing and running skills, rules, and tactics of the sport. Open to all students.
1 Unit

149 - Karate

Analysis of basic offensive and defensive techniques used in Karate, including time, speed, and knowledge of body leverage.  Cognitive knowledge of defense methods and their employment are also learned.  Special emphasis on Shotokan Karate. Course Fee: $125.
1 Unit

150 - Zumba

Zumba is a high-energy fusion of Latin and International music with unique dance moves that sculpt and tone the body. The aerobic routines feature fast and slow rhythms to maximize caloric output and fat burning. Even if you have never danced or tried group exercise, Zumba is a perfect introduction to dancing for health. The movements are basic enough that anyone can follow, yet challenging enough that you never get bored. Course fee $125.

202 - Intercollegiate Coss Country, Women

Participation in Intercollegiate Cross Country for Women.
1 unit

203 - Intercollegiate Football

Participation in Intercollegiate football
1 unit

204 - Intercollegiate Soccer, Women

Participation in Intercollegiate Soccer, Women
1 unit

205 - Intercollegiate Soccer, Men

Intercollegiate Soccer for men.
1 unit

206 - Intercollegiate Volleyball

Participation in Intercollegiate Volleyball.
1 unit

207 - Intercollegiate Water Polo, Men

Participation in Men's Intercollegiate Water Polo
1 unit

208 - Intercollegiate Water Polo, Women

Participating in Intercollegiate Water Polo for Women.


Regular Faculty

Jaime Hoffman, chair

Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics

Anahit Aladzhanyan

Assistant Athletic Director; Head Coach, Women's Basketball

Rob Bartlett

Head Coach, Cross Country and Track and Field, Athletics

Heather Collins

Head Coach, Women's Volleyball

Ali Heahnel

Head Coach, Softball

Rod Lafaurie

Head Coach, Men's Soccer, Golf Coordinator

Andrew Larkin

Head Coach, Men's and Women's Golf

Shea Manning

Athletics and Physical Activities Head Coach, Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving

Colm McFeely

Athletics and Physical Activities Head Coach, Women's Soccer; Men's and Women's Soccer Coordinator

Brian Newhall

Athletics and Physical Activities Associate Director of Athletics; Head Coach, Men's Basketball, Tennis

Bill Redell

Head Coach, Football

Michele Uhlfelder

Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse

Michael Wells

Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Information Director

Larry Zubrin

Athletics and Physical Activities Head Coach, Men's and Women's Water Polo