Deferring Enrollment

Deferring Enrollment

We don't mind the gap year.

There are plenty of reasons some students choose to defer enrollment—whether it’s an itch for adventure, a unique work or service opportunity, or a focus on caring for a family member in need.

We recognize and support these choices, and each year a handful of students take a year off between high school and enrolling as a first-year at Oxy. In fact, we featured six Oxy students’ gap year experiences in an article titled "Today the World, Tomorrow Occidental" from the fall 2011 issue of Occidental Magazine.

Another resource is Kristin M. White’s book, The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College. It is a comprehensive exploration of the gap year, including program options, finances, and personal and educational benefits. Projects Abroad and CIEE are fine resources for gap year opportunities as well.

To learn more about the process of deferring enrollment to Oxy, please consult the Terms and Conditions page. 

We are no longer accepting deferral requests for Fall 2016.



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