Class Profile

Class Profile

Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they’re a good place to start. Here’s a look at the Class of 2019.

We had 5,911 first-year applicants. And 45% were admitted, with 522 students joining the Class of 2019.

They performed well academically:
Median unweighted GPA: 3.68
Middle 50% SAT: 1830-2030
Median SAT: 1940 (CR-640, M-650, W-650)
Middle 50% ACT: 28-31
Median ACT: 29

And come from near and far:
California: 39%
Other U.S. states: 53%
International: 8%
(Representing 37 states, D.C., and 15 countries)

You might also want to know:
59% women
41% men
19% first-generation college bound
  9% Oxy family ties

Their high school backgrounds vary:
Public/Charter: 57%
Private/Parochial/Other Religious: 39%
Other: 4%

And we’re still one of the most ethnically diverse liberal arts colleges:
Asian American: 19%
African American: 9%
Caucasian: 47%
Latino/Latina: 16%
Native American/Native Hawaiian: 1%
International/Dual Citizen: 15%
Language other than English spoken at home: 30% (including Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Hebrew, Igbo, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese)

The top states represented were:
California, Washington, New York, Oregon, Massachusetts, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Connecticut

Students participated in a variety of activities:
Community service/public affairs: 71%
Athletics: 56%
Instrumental/vocal music: 37%
Student government: 19%
Religious life: 19%
Theater: 15%
Dance: 11%
Visual arts: 9%



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