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Responses to unsigned suggestions - if you submitted your e-mail address, you will receive a personal response.

October 11, 2013

"I really wish that you would not serve spaghetti squash as a gluten free alternative to actual noodles. I know that sometimes you serve gluten free noodles. Is it possible to make this permanent? I really dislike the squash option. If it is not possible to have a gluten free pasta available, could you post the days online that you do offer this option? Thank you."

Spaghetti squash was not well received as a gf alternative, so we scrapped the idea.This is an example of how Oxy's very own Marketplace economy works - you don't buy it, we won't sell it!

"I loved the mango-lime vinaigrette that was at the salad bar at the beginning of the year but haven't seen it since. Any chance of it returning?

We make this dressing ourselves, but not usually in the quantity required for the Salad Bar. While it...

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September 20, 2013

"You should have panini makers available near the sandwich station. It could be like the waffle makers where students are able to use the panini makers themselves"

We have received many requests over the years for paninis, and understand how appealing the concept is. However, we just don't think panini grills, either staffed or self-service would work for the Marketplace. We've tried the staffed model over winter, spring and summer breaks - it's quite popular, but the line moves VEEEERRRY slowly. Even if we had four panini machines going, we still couldn't keep up with the speed of service required to handle the regular school year meal rushes.

Self-Service panini machines would create another line - ie students would need to stand in line for a sandwich and then in...

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September 13, 2013

 "Can we please get grapes on campus? I would pay whatever the price is. It seems ridiculous that we have edimame and papaya just about every day but we go weeks without having grapes.

We love grapes too. Prices fluctuate widely, and when reasonable, the Tiger Cooler carries grapes in the refrigerator closest to the cash registers.  We anticipate a few weeks of good supply.

The Marketplace serves grapes occasionally on the salad bar (we had them on 9/12), as well as in the yogurt parfaits and fruit cups at the bakery.

"Garlic or cheese fries in the cooler. I lose my mind just thinking about walking into the cooler and them having good garlic fries"


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September 4, 2013

Q: "I would love if there was plain soy yogurt like there was last year. Any non dairy plain yogurt would be great. Thanks!"

Who knew there was a nationwide shortage of soy yogurt? Not us, until we kept getting shorted by our suppliers on every order we placed! A quick google search came up with the news that the largest manuafacturer of soy yogurt in the country has temporarily suspended production due to lack of processing facilities. We don't know when we'll be able to bring back soy yogurt (individual as well as bulk for making parfaits), but in the meantime, read the whole scoop about Whole Soy:

Q: "Please stock chocolate covered sunflower seeds!!  And boba tea/bubble tea in the cooler"
A: At this time...
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April 18, 2013

"A couple of weekends ago, I tried the chorizo & egg scramble at The Cooler for a late brunch, and it was so delicious! Is it possible to try and offer this chorizo & egg scramble at the Marketplace on weekends (since the cooler often doesn't open until later on weekends)? I also love it when the Marketplace offers the corned beef for brunch! It's so tasty!"

Thanks for the suggestion. The Marketplace had something similar - breakfast burritos - both Saturday and Sunday last weekend - hope you had a chance to enjoy them! We'll probably rotate in a chorizo scramble this semester, or if not, look for it in the fall. The Cooler will continue to bring you chorizo and eggs on Saturdays, alternating between meat and vegetarian versions (made with soyrizo).

"Sometimes the lettuce that is out at the salad bar has started to turn red. While I have read that this is not yet dangerous to eat, it still scares me to eat it. I think that it is definitely a sign of being too old to eat. Please try to provide fresher salad greens. Thanks!"

While we prefer to clean and chop our lettuces in-house for maximum freshness, sometimes at the busiest periods of the year we simply don't have the labor resources. We then turn to pre-chopped lettuces. The romaine...

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April 10, 2013

[Tiger Cooler] "Thanks for having sliced jicama ready to go! It is a very refreshing, tasty snack!

It is great to hear that you enjoy the jicama, along with the other fruit/veggie snack items we have available. Beginning on Friday 4/12, we will be adding in the Tajin chili/limon seasoning that was intended for these items from the start. We hope this makes those items that much more enjoyable.

"The minestrone soup was great today [4/8]- thanks!"

That was our classic vegan Minestrone - also gluten free!

"My friend and I agree - we love gnocchi!!! Thanks so much for having it! We would eat it every week! Also, the mushrooms you served with it were great as well."

The Gnocchi was served with Julienne Chicken Marinara or Sauteed Mushrooms at Homestyle Lunch on 4/9. Good news! Look for Gnocchi as an option at the made-to-order (Pasta) Station both Tuesday April 23 and Thursday April 25 at lunch!

"Oh my goodness!! The rissoto was absolutely amazing!!!! Please please make it the same way again soon!"

The vegan Sweet Potato Risotto was served for Homestyle dinner on 4/9. Stop by Homestyle for a similar recipe on Tuesday April 23 at lunch - Butternut Squash Risotto (v)


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March 27, 2013

"The marketplace served an awesome pizza last year during founders' day (the one with bacon, blue cheese, feta, etc.) and i was wondering if you guys have thought about bringing it back?"


Yes! You will see that pizza again in April, most likely at the Founders Day brunch on Saturday 4/20.  We might also serve it as a special sometime prior to that.

"You know what would be cool? A food truck that drives around campus at night (dorms, study places, etc.), like an ice cream truck, but serving healthy food, snacks, or meals while we study.  The Coffee Cart or Cooler is pretty far for some dorms, and the selection is understandably limited.  So a Tiger Truck would be awesome!  I know this is pretty far fetched, but it's just a thought!"

Cool, yes. Far fetched, somewhat. There are actually a few food truck ideas floating around Oxy, and we're aware of quite a few other schools that own trucks. We wouldn't say it's entirely out of the question, but would require significant capital outlay, not to mention additional labor. It's good to dream...

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March 10, 2013

[Tiger Cooler] "I feel like all the suggestions that are made are almost never implemented. What changes can we actually suggest?"

We're happy to have the opportunity to address this question. Suggestions are often difficult to implement at the Tiger Cooler due to a severe lack of SPACE - everything from storage to refrigeration to preparation to service space. The Cooler was designed and built as a limited menu operation for a significantly smaller student population, and has not been updated since 1997. That said, the Cooler staff do a great job of being responsive under such difficult circumstances. New menu items are often rotated in as specials, and we have added new vegan and gluten free items over recent months. The most frequent suggestion last fall - bulk condiment dispensers  - has been implemented.

All suggestions are discussed at the weekly Campus Dining management staff meeting. Here's a list of some of the criteria we consider:

  1. Is the item suggested available through one of our suppliers? If not...
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February 28, 2013

"I think it would be cool if there was a grilled sandwich or a panini station. It could be where pasta/stir fry/omeletes are made, and you could offer different breads and sandwich fillings, including cheese so people could order grilled cheese sandwiches. Just an idea!"

We've tried this model over winter and summer breaks - it's quite popular, but the line moves VEEEERRRY slowly. Even with four panini machines going, we still couldn't keep up with the speed of service required to handle the regular school year meal rushes.

That said, we're serving Paninis at Rangeview Dinner this Saturday March 2! Come to the RV courtyard between 6pm and 8:30pm and enjoy Cuban, Chicken, Vegetarian or Vegan Paninis. A GF option will also be available.

"HAVE MORE QUINOA SALADS THEY ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! Every week at least! Seriously they are my favorite and I get so excited every time you have them!!!"


"Friday's specialty salad with eggplant and carrots tasted very good - please bring it back again!"

We hear you! The quinoa salads have gotten rave reviews. Highly nutritious, vegan and gluten-free...

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February 15, 2013

"Please bring back my white lasagna on Fridays. That stuff was good."

It's back!!! Today - Friday 2/15.

"Hello. I am assuming that you prepare the vegan baked brownies, muffins, and cookies that go in the vegan case from boxed mixes. Which mixes do you use?"

Our vegan base baked good mixes are from "The Cravings Place"


"Will cream of wheat packets be restocked? Will there be soy yogurt parfait cups for breakfast again?"

Yes to both!

"Could the salad bar have dried cranberries and lentils as options?"

No to the cranberries - they are too pricey to offer on the salad bar. Cranberries are packed into portion cups and sold at the Grab & Go refrigerator at the center of the Marketplace. Lentils are a possibility - at least occasionally - the only challenge with lentils is we have to allocate labor to cook and chill them (not usually something we do for salad bar offerings).

Compliments of the week:

"The vegan mashed potatoes at Homestyle and the pumpkin soup on Tuesday were both very very good - thanks!"

"Thank you SO much for the vegan cookies. They are delicious! "


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