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February 28, 2013

"I think it would be cool if there was a grilled sandwich or a panini station. It could be where pasta/stir fry/omeletes are made, and you could offer different breads and sandwich fillings, including cheese so people could order grilled cheese sandwiches. Just an idea!"

We've tried this model over winter and summer breaks - it's quite popular, but the line moves VEEEERRRY slowly. Even with four panini machines going, we still couldn't keep up with the speed of service required to handle the regular school year meal rushes.

That said, we're serving Paninis at Rangeview Dinner this Saturday March 2! Come to the RV courtyard between 6pm and 8:30pm and enjoy Cuban, Chicken, Vegetarian or Vegan Paninis. A GF option will also be available.

"HAVE MORE QUINOA SALADS THEY ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! Every week at least! Seriously they are my favorite and I get so excited every time you have them!!!"


"Friday's specialty salad with eggplant and carrots tasted very good - please bring it back again!"

We hear you! The quinoa salads have gotten rave reviews. Highly nutritious, vegan and gluten-free...

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February 15, 2013

"Please bring back my white lasagna on Fridays. That stuff was good."

It's back!!! Today - Friday 2/15.

"Hello. I am assuming that you prepare the vegan baked brownies, muffins, and cookies that go in the vegan case from boxed mixes. Which mixes do you use?"

Our vegan base baked good mixes are from "The Cravings Place"


"Will cream of wheat packets be restocked? Will there be soy yogurt parfait cups for breakfast again?"

Yes to both!

"Could the salad bar have dried cranberries and lentils as options?"

No to the cranberries - they are too pricey to offer on the salad bar. Cranberries are packed into portion cups and sold at the Grab & Go refrigerator at the center of the Marketplace. Lentils are a possibility - at least occasionally - the only challenge with lentils is we have to allocate labor to cook and chill them (not usually something we do for salad bar offerings).

Compliments of the week:

"The vegan mashed potatoes at Homestyle and the pumpkin soup on Tuesday were both very very good - thanks!"

"Thank you SO much for the vegan cookies. They are delicious! "


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January 31, 2013

"Please bring back the Milton's multigrain bread.  The breads currently available are not as good for sandwiches or toast."


"What happened to the whole wheat english muffins?! They are one of the best breakfast foods of all time, and I miss them dearly!"

Unfortunately Orowheat distributors (suppliers of all the breads we carried in retail packaging) discontinued deliveries to all customers except groceries and markets effective January 1, 2013. We had to interview and select a new primary bread distributor. We chose Galasso's: We still also buy natural artisan breads from Bread Los Angeles, but they do not have the complete product line that we need. Neither company provides nutritional labeling on their packaging, because they are wholesale companies, and are not required to do so. That said, we are in the process of creating signage that includes the labeling, and hope to have this posted in the Marketplace and Tiger Cooler sometime next week.
Galasso's breads are all trans-fat free. Most, if not all, are vegan. The whole...
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January 24, 2013

Update on Auntie Em's labeling (from 12/6 suggestion responses):

Auntie Em's products sold at the Coffee Cart and Tiger Cooler will soon have labels that use the same designations as Campus Dining: V (Vegan), VL (Vegetarian) and GF (Gluten-Free). We thank our local business partner for their efforts!

"I know it's break, and you probably will not be checking the suggestion box, but I saw these bars, and thought it would be awesome for you to start carrying them at Oxy. Please take a look and consider:"


These bars are really awesome, so I thought you may want to consider selling them at Oxy:
Thanks for the consideration!"

Both of these bars are available through our suppliers and we are willing to give them a try. The "Thats it" bars are now in stock at the Marketplace. The Health Warrior bars are on back order - if our supplier can obtain them they would arrive next week. Also check out the Cooler's new "Good & Natural" bars - coming soon.

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December 14, 2012

"Hi Campus Dining! Thanks for all the great food! I have two suggestions which are both vegan related:
1) Don't put the tofu and the tuna next to each other in the salad bar-- often little bits of tuna end up in the tofu and it's hard to pick out
2) Mark each loaf of bread so that it's easily identifiable as vegan or gluten free-- something as easy as color-coded stickers on the loaves would do the trick, or simply writing (v) or (gf) in permanent marker. This would make it easier for students to pick out bread at the bakery and allow the sandwich station to show off all their options (and as it is, the sandwich station staff doesn't know which breads are which)."

We think you're absolutely right about the tofu/tuna proximity, and we'll make changes accordingly!

Regarding the bread, over the break we will update our signage as well as give staff members training on ingredients. We're also expecting some changes in the varieties of bread we will be offering, so look for the new signs.

"Thanks for the vegan balsamic veggie pizza - it was great!"

Glad you liked this new recipe!

"I think the Cooler should have Sriracha sauce available"

Unfortunately Sriracha only comes in really big bottles - big, expensive bottles. While the Marketplace carries Sriracha, we're not likely to expand this to the Cooler. We don't have space in the Cooler's teeny-tiny storeroom to add anything else, and the Cooler can't absorb the cost of another free condiment,...

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December 6, 2012

"I am confused about the chili offered ready to go in the refrigerated section. It is labeled "vege." Is it vegetarian or vegan? There is stringy cheese looking strands in it, but I thought they may be soy cheese... Please label products clearly as vegan or vegetarian. The (v) or (vl) system at the Marketplace works well."

The Cooler's Vegetarian Chili, along with all of the other soups, comes from Auntie Em's Restaurant (just down the street). They produce their own labels for all of their products, and those labels include a list of ingredients. We're not sure whether what you saw was vegan or vegetarian - because their products and ingredients are subject to change.  Our advice is to read the ingredients label, but we can and will ask if they would be willing to add the (v) (vl) to their labeling beginning next semester.

"Awesome sweet potato/butternut squash soup today! Also, my friends and I greatly prefer the vegan chili without the soy beef. And being able to get the bread bowl by itself (and, for example, fill it with soup from the soup station instead) would be a popular option."

Thanks for the compliment on the soup :-) As for the bread bowl, you are welcome to ask at Homestyle, and...

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November 29, 2012

"As a main dining location for nearly all Oxy students, the Cooler encourages unsustainable practices. Nearly everything purchased in the cooler is unnecessarily packaged. Whether you are buying carrots or slice of pizza, each student is forced to throw away something. I understand the Cooler does not have the capacity to provide reusable plates, cups, etc. without a dishwasher, but the Cooler can make an effort to provide condiments in bulk. I ask that you please put an end to one-time disposable ketchup, mustard, ranch, and mayo packets by installing the same condiment pumps that are located in the Marketplace. Thank you."

We received 9 suggestions that were identical or similar to this one - hmm, looks like a group effort! We hear you, and we're on it! Unfortunately providing bulk dispensers involves a few  logistical challenges (if it didn't we'd have done it already, wouldn't we?). We're preparing a proposal to the sustainability fund for the equipment we need. The dispensers are free, but we need a cabinet with counter top to store and display the condiments. And the cabinet will need to be put somewhere in the dining room, because the servery is too congested. A few seats will be lost. We hope to manage this change next semester.

"Very good Meatless Monday meal yesterday! And the quinoa soup was great too!"

Meatless Monday seems to have a big following - thanks for your comments!

"I think it would be a great idea if y'all got rid of the tray holder...

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November 15, 2012

"Today's [11/14 lunch] menu has fish at 3 stations, can we get some more diversity? Having fish featured at the grill, homestyle and the taco bar all at the same meal is a bit overkill. Some days there is indian food at homestyle, an indian soup and another curry dish somewhere else. Can we get more balance?"

We actually switched out the Baja Shrimp Tacos for Beef Biria Tacos, but the change didn't make it to the website. Still, we get your point, and will try to catch similar overlaps farther in advance  :-))

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November 9, 2012

"I would really love it if you would offer Starbars for sale at Oxy (and I think a lot of other people would too!)."

We like the look of this product! Local (Santa Monica), made from raw, all natural ingredients. We checked out their website and called their office. Unfortunately they don't have a wholesale distributor yet, but they are looking for one. We'll keep an eye on their product to see if it shows up in the catalog of one of our natural products suppliers (United Natural/UNFI or Nature's Best).

"please have fiesta salad and asparagus/roasted eggplant salad more often! they're delicious :)"

Two crowd favorites indeed, your request is noted!

"MUCH better spice level for Meatless Monday - thanks!!"

You're so welcome!

"Please make gluten free options available at homestyle - the most affordable option - at least some of the time. Meals there are never marked (gf)."

We respectfully beg to differ - gluten free items are available at Homestyle quite often - look carefully for the (gf) at the station. We don't advertise in advance on the website, because we're often not completely sure a recipe is gf until we make it (some sauces and other ingredients come from a variety of sources and need to be checked carefully on the packaging). We're gradually building on our repertoire of gf recipes - some recipes...

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November 1, 2012

Update from 10/24: Chobani Vanilla is back!

"I would greatly appreciate it if there was a way to tell which of the bagels are vegan.

Also, are any of the vegetables at the sandwich bar organic or local?

What kind of hummus do you use, or if you make it at the Marketplace, is there oil in it?"

All bagels, at both the Marketplace and Tiger Cooler are vegan. There is a sign indicating this at the Marketplace. We'll add signage at the Cooler.


The standard vegetables at the sandwich bar are not organic/local, although occasionally the shiitaki mushrooms are organic.

We make our own hummus from chick peas, olive oil, tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice and salt.

"I loved the cauliflower at the salad bar on Friday! The salad bar is great, but I'm always excited when there's some variety."

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