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November 1, 2012

Update from 10/24: Chobani Vanilla is back!

"I would greatly appreciate it if there was a way to tell which of the bagels are vegan.

Also, are any of the vegetables at the sandwich bar organic or local?

What kind of hummus do you use, or if you make it at the Marketplace, is there oil in it?"

All bagels, at both the Marketplace and Tiger Cooler are vegan. There is a sign indicating this at the Marketplace. We'll add signage at the Cooler.


The standard vegetables at the sandwich bar are not organic/local, although occasionally the shiitaki mushrooms are organic.

We make our own hummus from chick peas, olive oil, tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice and salt.

"I loved the cauliflower at the salad bar on Friday! The salad bar is great, but I'm always excited when there's some variety."

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October 31, 2012

Update to 10/24 suggestions: Two more lactose-free offerings from Auntie Em's have just arrived at the Rangeview Coffee Cart:

  • Mixed Mushroom Sandwich - now vegan and lactose-free
  • Fall Salad Shaker - seasonal greens with chicken, lactose-free

Look for one more lactose-free item, coming the week of November 11!

October 24, 2012

"What happened to the vanilla Chobani? I haven't seen it for weeks, and I miss it!"

Unfortunately our supplier has been out of the vanilla Chobani for an extended period. We're working to see if one of our other vendors can bring Chobani into their product list so we'll have more than one source. Stay tuned...

"Hi! I am a huge fan of the coffee cart. My one suggestion is: is there any way you can PLEASE add more vegan options? I am lactose intolerant, and although there are plenty of vegetarian options, there is cheese on almost everything. It would be easy to not put cheese in the shakers, or to have it as an option on the side. I love the hummus sandwich but it is my only sandwich option as far as I know. Thanks so much!"

We chatted with Auntie Em's chef. The items they make exclusively for the Coffee Cart are on a three week rotation. The upcoming week (October 28) is "Week 2"  Here's an update of items that Auntie Em's confirms are lactose free:

Spicy Hummus Sandwich (Offered daily)
PBJ Sandwich (Offered daily)...
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October 9, 2012

Last Month's Suggestions are This Month's New Offerings!

Vegan Black Bean Summer Squash Enchiladas - Dinner Monday 10/15
Vegan Avocado Potato Salad - Lunch Tuesday 10/16
Vegan Creamy Zucchini Soup - Lunch and Dinner Tuesday 10/16

Thank you for your submissions!

October 8, 2012

"The Marketplace Gluten Free Guide is great, why is there not one for The Tiger Cooler?"

We hear you, and we're working on it - look for a Tiger Cooler GF guide by the end of the month!

"Does the homestyle section at the market place ever have gluten free foods? I've noticed that there is never a (gf) label used there. As the market place's most cost effective meal option, it would really be nice to have a gluten free option available - especially since there is a vegetarian option (which is usually a choice, not a medical condition) available literally every single day."

We've just begun labeling items that are GF at the Homestyle Station. Many of our recipes are already gluten free, and we want you to know. Others just require a little tweaking, and we're gradually making some changes. That said, at this point we're not able to offer an additional, gluten free option at homestyle every meal. Look for GF entrees at other stations at those meals - there's always one or more alternatives.

"I really enjoy having foods and flavors I have never tasted before at the Meatless Monday Indian food station. However, to make it suitable for a wider range of people, I think you should keep the hot spices to a minimum in the food. You could serve it with optional condiments students can add on the side that are really hot if some people want it spicier than the average student."

Thanks for letting us know - still tweaking!!!!


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October 2, 2012

"DON'T TONE DOWN THE SPICES! IT'S GOOD THE WAY IT IS also, the cooler should have quesadillas. and curly fries. and malt powder for milkshakes would be cool. pupusas would be delicious. burritos or tacos al pastor. and one more thing: breakfast burritos are good."

We assume you're referring to the spices on "Meatless Monday" - each week the recipes will be a little different - keep the comments coming ;-)

Re: your Tiger Cooler suggestions: The grill top isn't large enough to always have quesadillas. But on occasion we do have quesadillas as a special. Curly fries are a frequent weekend special (they were offered Saturday 9/29 for instance). The issue preventing us from always having curly fries is (again) space - there is just one fryer well at the Cooler, and three fried items to prepare: French Fries, Mozarella Sticks and Onion Rings. Malt Powder has not been available through our regular supplier recently, but we will research if it is available through another source.


Re: your Marketplace suggestions: Pupusas are labor intensive, and we unfortunately haven't found a source for a good, pre-made verions. While we don't have the proper slow roasting rotisserie equipment to make authentic Tacos al Pastor, we can make a similar recipe - we've passed the suggestion on to our kitchen team. Did you know that you should be able to get an open-faced breakfast burrito any day of the week at the Grill Station? Just ask for your favorite fillings on a large flour tortilla. Occasionally we'll also have burritos for weekend brunches.

"Thank you for serving tempeh at homestyle today! I much prefer it to tofu and would love for The Marketplace to serve tempeh more often."

While there don't seem to be as many large quantity recipes for tempeh as for tofu, we love your comment and it will inspire us to keep trying!

"I can't...

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September 26, 2012

"The Meatless Monday Indian Style today was incredibly good! Even better than last week's, which was very good as well. However, I would have liked it a lot better if it was a little less spicy. I think it was too spicy for many peoples' tastes."

Thank you for the feedback. The Meatless Monday Indian Cuisine concept is now going on its third week - and we've received lots of good comments. Recipes and spices are evolving  - we'll tone down the spices a little this time. Keep the comments coming!

"Are the bbq sauces gluten free? (Specifically, the one served by the grill in the MP, the one at the pump in the MP, and the one served at the cooler)."


Good question. The Heinz BBQ sauce served in the pump at the Marketplace is GF, per their website. The Marketplace Grill and Tiger Cooler Grill serve different varieties of the Cattlemen's brand (Kansas City Classic and Texas Smokey, respectively). The ingredients appear to be GF, and many GF resource websites list Cattlemen's as GF, but Cattlemen's website doesn't specifically make any mention of GF.

FYI, here's a very good resource for researching whether commercial brands are GF, a database maintained by the Celiac Disease Foundation:

"Can you please explain the rational for charging an extra $0.75 to grill onions at the cooler? I can understand adding an additional fee to orders that include extra sauce/condiments, but when my burger/sandwich already comes with an order of onions...

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September 20, 2012

"Is the sauce served at the stir fry station gluten free? If not, please inform the servers not to add it into orders that have already asked for the gluten free option. Thank you!"

The sauce for the Monday and Wednesday lunch stir fry  (at the Pasta Station) is 100% Gluten Free, made at Oxy with organic and gluten free soy sauce. The stir fry sauce regularly used at the grill station is a purchased product and not gluten free, however.
"Brandon by the Grill/Pizza department is amazing. Friendly, hard-working, and dedicated to upholding the best in service. Upon learning of my unique dietary restrictions, Brandon was incredibly helpful. He made a concentrated effort to learn my name and commit to memory my unique diet. Please note my desire to compliment him for outstanding service in his file. Thank you!"




We've passed along your comments about Cook A Branden to him, with our congratulations on his exceptional service. Thank you for your comments!

"Please bring back the cookies that you had last year: I do not remember their brand name, but you had several flavors in this brand. They were very large cookies, individually wrapped. I think most from this brand were gluten free. The one I regularly bought was a peanut butter cookie, sweetened only with fruit juice, no refined sugars. I really miss bring able to buy that cookie from The Marketplace."

Last year and the two years prior, the Marketplace carried the Nana's brand of gluten free cookie. Unfortunately sales dropped off dramatically, so we looked for a different brand as a change of pace (sometimes items just fade into the background and we need to change things up). This year we are carrying the...

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September 14, 2012

"I would like to suggest that you make bacon bits an option at the salad bar. And I think you should have cut up chicken as an option at the salad bar, similar to the little cups that you have available in the cooler."

Other than tuna, the salad bar is usually stocked only with vegetarian items. This is not just a matter of cost, but also because of the shared untensils (some customers don't eat pork or poultry, nor do they want to use untensils that come in contact with them).

You may visit the sandwich station, where we will be happy to give you a chicken breast and/or bacon to add to your salad (there is an extra cost).

"I have been enjoying soups at the Marketplace since my freshman year.  Sometimes they were hit and miss with the saltiness, but over all they were very good, especially chowders and lentil.  Since my return as a junior, I have be consistantly disappointed with the over all product, it's not a salt problem this time.  They just taste like water.

I had given up hope until I reluctantly gave the broccoli cheddar a try yesterday and discovered why I love Marketplace soup all the  time.  I don't know what happen, but keep up the good work!! "

Some of our cooks have changed assignments this fall, and staff members are getting used to new routines and unfamiliar recipes. We're on top of it, and appreciate...

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September 4, 2012

"I would really like you to get LaraBars again.
We're trying something new and have replaced the Lara Bars with "Kind" Bars - check out their website:

Also, I preferred the vegan chili that was served with the potato bar last year, rather than what was served last week"

Hmm - should be the same recipe - but we will check with the chef. Sometimes substitutions are made due to availability - since everything is organic!


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