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July 25, 2013

Nature’s Best is the largest privately owned distributor of natural and certified organic food products. We receive Organic Yogurt, Tea, Snack Bars, Soymilk, Oatmeal, and other certified organic and natural snack foods.

In addition to providing sustainable foods, Nature's Best pursues sustainability throughout their entire operation. In 2008, Nature's Best won the Sustainability Excellence Award from Supermarket News. They are one of the few grocery distribution companies to have LEED certified facilities, and both of their two distribution centers are LEED Gold certified. For the construction of their Chino distribution center, 20% of the materials were locally sourced, 30% were post-consumer recycled, and 95% of waste created was reused. Through their facility renovations, they have also been able to reduce their water consumption by 50%, increase energy efficiency by 45%, and...

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  • Office: Johnson Student Center, 2nd Floor
  • phone: (323) 259-2629
  • e-mail: