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February 3, 2016

Recent grad, Louise Stone, discusses an internship disaster avoided with the help of the career center.

I’m a planner. I plan everything as much as possible, and I planned to go abroad to New Zealand my junior year, specifically, my junior spring. By going spring semester, which is fall semester in New Zealand, I would never have to experience the awkwardly entering mid-year into school. However, one thing I failed to consider was summer employment. New Zealand is on a completely different schedule than the US. I started school in late February and didn’t end until late June.  I quickly realized that most jobs and internships start at the end of May or beginning of June when most colleges end.  ...
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December 17, 2015

This holiday break sleep, eat, and nail your goals for getting started on some future planning!

Dog playing in snow

Whether you’re looking to get a head start on your job search or secure an amazing summer internship, here’s 5 things you can do over Winter Break to help you make it happen.

1. Be of Good Cheer, Volunteer!

The next best thing besides making $$$ over a short break is volunteering at a community organization you care about. Volunteering gives you the ability to gain valuable experience, develop skills, build relationships and gain a behind the scenes look at a possible career.  Your volunteer work can also be articulated on your resume as “Related Experience....

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June 24, 2015

Second year student has an exiciting WIMS experience interacting with a variety of animals and employees at Aquarium of the Pacific 

Miranda Roethler

I hadn’t been at the Aquarium of the Pacific longer than 15 minutes before I was nervously thrusting my fist, clutched around a semi-thawed restaurant-quality piece of shrimp, into the mouth of a hungry bat ray. The rays swarmed around me and Nicky, the aquarist I was shadowing, so eager to feed that they were practically leaping out of the enclosure. Nicky is training them so that guests can hand-feed the rays during the day. However, that would be months from now. Today’s goal: don’t get bitten. “Ouch!” Nicky cried, as one particularly hungry ray clamped down on her hand. “Wow. I think that one drew blood.” That didn’t help my nerves. I had to get used to these rays soon though, because after this we were...

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June 16, 2015

Speed Networking event and job shadowing leads to summer internship position for student

Ashkan Mortazavi

For the Walk In My Shoes program, I job shadowed at the City Administrative Office (CAO). How I happened upon the CAO job shadow and its outcome is actually quite an interesting story. I attended the CDC’s Speed Networking event on March 31st where I met an Oxy Alumnus by the name of Jody Yoxsimer. Jody and I had a nice chat and she asked me for my resume, which I happened to bring with me. Because we met so many Oxy alumni at the event, I did not think much our interaction. It just so happens that the previous week, I had applied for and been accepted into the WIMS program. When it came time to choosing an appropriate place to shadow, Valerie Savior suggested I shadow Jody Yoxsimer. At the time, I didn’t put two and two together and did not...

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June 15, 2015

Econ student gets a feel for the business world at Bank of Hawaii

Maile Kawasaki

My career interests have changed drastically as I've grown up. Ever since I was younger I dreamed of being a teacher, doctor, lawyer, and now businessperson. In the past I’ve had internships with non-profit organizations, usually in their fund development departments, but I have never interned with a for-profit company or corporation. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the internships I’ve done at non-profits and learned a great deal at each, I felt that I didn’t have the necessary exposure to the side of business that I am really interested in. When I applied to WIMS, I specified that I wished to shadow in the career fields of either business or finance.  I...

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June 15, 2015

Sustainable Harvest allows a student to take a unique look at the specialty coffee industry

Richard Darsano

It began in a 4 hour bus ride from New York City to Boston during my spring break. I was searching for a summer internship in the specialty coffee industry. It's been a burning passion of mine to learn more about the industry. Yes, it was quite specific, but I was hoping that I could find an industry specific internship this summer. I still remember typing 'specialty coffee internship occidental' on my Google mobile page. I could not contain my excitement when I found a blog post about a few students who has summer internships with Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, a company founded by Oxy alum, David Griswold '84. I said to myself that I needed to visit the company.

Three weeks later I received a campus email about Walk In My...

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June 10, 2015

Second Year Student has valuable experience with City of Hope

WIMS Emma Spielfogel

When I arrived at the Beckman Institute at City of Hope, I met Dr. Glackin and she introduced me to the members of her lab. Immediately after our introductions were completed, Dr. Glackin took me into her office to tell me about the research her lab has been conducting. With PowerPoint slides and a very casual tone, she described her past and ongoing work on novel tactics for treating cancer, with a focus mostly on ovarian cancer. Dr. Glackin has been performing molecular biology research at City of Hope for over 30 years and while she did not physically perform lab experiments in my time there, she acts as a knowledgeable supervisor to the researchers in her lab, staying informed on every experiment as well as its results....

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April 8, 2015

So you’ve nailed the interview – what next?

Having a great interview with an employer might seem like enough to seal the deal – but it’s not! You can put yourself ahead of the pack by writing a thank you letter to your interviewer. It’s a very easy gesture that many young job-seekers overlook.

We have a few tips to make the most of this tool:

The thank you note should be your first priority post-interview – it should get to the interviewer within 24 hours. You can cover your bases by writing both a quick email and sending a note by snail mail. We recommend writing the note out in your car immediately after the interview is over and putting it in the mail on your way home.

Whatever you do, don’t write it ahead of time! Sometimes interviewees hand a thank you note to the interviewer before they...

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April 1, 2015

The day-to-day outfits of a college student might not fly in the workplace. Learn how to dress professionally and impress employers!

Your potential new boss is sizing you up the second you walk into that room. It’s super important to always dress like a professional and always dress to impress. Start with these tips, and then join us at our Get Dressed workshop on Thursday, April 2nd at noon in Johnson 104.


Dress the part

Make sure you’re playing the role of your future job. Whether it's at a law firm, an investment bank, a talent agency, a job in fashion or gig in the arts, know your audience and what is appropriate.

Know the types of professional dress

  • Executive/Business Formal: Suit or blazer with dress pants and dress shoes. Conservative dress with blazer or skirt suit appropriate for women, tie...
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March 25, 2015

Take advantage of all the career-building opportunities in this busy week!

Graduation and summer internship season is right around the corner, and the CDC is here to help you prepare for all of it. With the help of Greek Council and the Alumni Association, we’ve jam-packed Dress for Success Week with tools to help you get an edge in the world of work. We’ve got interview coaching, networking opportunities, LinkedIn help, and more. And every event you go to earns you tickets to get FREE professional clothing at the Dress for Success Boutique at the end of the week.

Here’s more info about all the great events this week:

LinkedIn Workshop – Monday, March 30th, 12:45pm-1:45pm in Fowler 112

The leading professional networking site has a lot to offer – it’s a tool...

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