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November 27, 2013

This Thanksgiving, Assistant Director for Career Counseling, Rita Soultanian has a few tips on when to show gratitude in your career.

As Thanksgiving nears, we’re reminded of the power of gratitude. Though, while we have a whole holiday to take time out and be grateful for family, friends, and turkey, we often don’t take enough time to show gratitude in our professional lives as well. Here’s a friendly reminder of all the times throughout your career when a little bit of thanks can go a very long way.


People are busy, so if someone spends more than 20 minutes with you, whether it was for coffee, a professor, a family friend, or even a stranger, it’s appropriate to express thanks. It doesn’t take much to ask for a business card, and send a follow up email to thank someone for their time,...

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November 20, 2013

With graduation ahead, a senior student gets excited about the future.

Morgan Mrohs is a senior student and a member of the CDC Student Marketing Board. This is part two of a two part series focused on varying perspectives of utilizing the CDC, as a first-year and as a senior.

I’m currently a senior at Oxy. What does that mean? It means I’m full of anxiety. I’m suddenly faced with the pressures of comps, finding a job, deciding on a career path, and saying goodbye to the safety of my comfortable college life. It’s a lot to process, to say the least. One day I put down my gallon of ice cream and trusty teddy bear, and collected myself. I made the decision to visit the Career Development Center for the first time. See, I was hesitant to do so because I thought going to the CDC would make graduation feel all too real. I believed the...

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November 18, 2013

Assistant Director of Career Counseling, Rita Soultanian, provides 5 quick tips to network well.

So you want to network? Not sure how? One of the most important things to remember is that networking is about a balance of give and take. Too often, I work with individuals who are eager to “take,” without putting in the effort to understand a new perspective or valuable piece of advice. Although enthusiasm is a wonderful asset, I’m here to remind you that an effective networking relationship is born out of preparedness, courage, and a willingness to give a little, too.



A great place to start is with a little self-reflection. What is it exactly that you hope to gain from your potential networking contact? Information on his or her professional career path? Guidance on how to advance...

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November 13, 2013

First-year student Melissa Pappas finds out the Career Development Center isn't so scary after all.

Melissa Pappas is a first-year student and a member of the CDC Student Marketing Board. This is part one of a two part series focused on varying perspectives of utilizing the CDC, as a first-year and as a senior.


Oxy Confession: The CDC is not scary. In fact, it is very helpful. And I am a first-year.

Because I just started college three months ago, it may seem ridiculous and  over-ambitious to start thinking about life after graduation. From watching my two older siblings go through college and end up with good jobs, I have learned that  preparing early for the future is critical. Although I have an idea of what career paths interest me, I do not know the best ways to get there. That is what Occidental’s Career Development Center is for.


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November 11, 2013

Last Monday, 40 students turned out to Dumke Commons to learn about the tech industry

At Tech Industry Night, cosponsored by the CDC and OxyPreneurship, 7 employers from top tech companies came to meet and recruit future employees from Oxy’s intelligent and ambitious student body.

Before the event, participating students attended a training to find out what to expect and learn how use the experience to their advantage. At Tech Night training, students learned to research the companies that would be present, how to write a targeted resume, how to dress casually while acting professionally, and even how to give a good handshake. After the training, the students said they felt prepared to wow the employers.

To kick off the evening on Monday, representatives from Dropbox, Laserfiche, Google, thrdPlace, Melon, Yammer/Microsoft, and CPO Commerce spoke on a panel...

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November 6, 2013

Valerie Savior, one of Oxy's pre-law advisors, has the hard questions to ask oneself when considering a career in this difficult field.

Do you know how many once pre-health-bound students come to the CDC seeking advice about law school?  More than you'd think.  One could argue that students who make this shift possess a mind-set that is attracted and well-suited to both medicine and law, but I think the reason is a bit more troubling…..I suspect that students and parents alike don’t realize how many professionalized, gainfully paid job options are available to liberal arts graduates.  I don’t know how many occupational job titles are in the US, but Wiki Answers tells me 30,000.  30,000! This issue of students blindly seeking interest in the law is not unique to Oxy, it's nationwide.  In fact two years ago on Georgetown’s Law campus, a...

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November 4, 2013

The CDC's Assistant Director for Employer Relations, Courtney Stricklin, talks about Oxy’s upcoming 1st Annual Tech Industry Night – a networking event introducing Oxy students to 7 great companies from the technology sector. 

The CDC is excited to be introducing new programming for sectors of interest to our students and thus is incredibly proud to present Tech Industry Night.

Companies scheduled to attend include Dropbox (the internet site that allows you to store and share photos, docs and videos), Laserfiche (the digital document imaging and management solution for business) Google (really, do I need to say what they do?) ...

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October 30, 2013

The CDC offered 25 different events and programs in October!

During the month of October, the Career Development Center hosted over a dozen employers looking to recruit Occidental students. Off-campus recruiters included nonprofits like CollegeSpring, a tutoring service for low-income high school students, and companies like Payden & Rygel, one of the largest global independent investment management firms in the US. In addition, our Getting to the Corps event gave the 70 students in attendance the opportunity to network with representatives from gap year service programs. Graduate programs like the CSULB Masters in Sports Management, as well as the...

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October 23, 2013

WIMS Away is BACK!

The application process has begun for sophomores who want to walk in the shoes of a professional in his/her career field over winter break. Hosts will provide Occidental students with 2-3 days of career exposure to learn what they do, how they do it, and why. Participation in WIMS will provide a behind-the-scenes view of a profession and the opportunity to begin building a network within the field.

Past WIMS participants say that the experience opened their eyes to the nuances of work in many professional environments, from the LA Superior Court, to Huntington Memorial Hospital, to Microsoft. WIMS Away is the perfect way for students to see the direct application of their education in a variety of careers, as well as “try on” a job before choosing a career path. Apply now!


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October 11, 2013

Every year, more and more students are interested in pursuing a fulfilling gap-year experience after graduation.

At the “Getting to the Corps” event on Monday, October 7, 70 students turned up to learn about opportunities in service, education, health, and activism. Recruiters and former participants from City Year, the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, Teach for China, HealthCorps, Teach for America, and JusticeCorps were in attendance to speak directly to students about their organizations. Our guests first answered questions about their organizations’ missions and unique opportunities, including international travel, post-program career paths, and other perks like loan deferment and educational stipends. Then, in a “speed networking” round, students were given the opportunity to speak directly with the representatives from three organizations of their choice for 20 minutes each.


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