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May 7, 2013

"I am available as an advisor to students interested in business leadership roles"

I earned my Bachelor in Business degree at the University of Washington and my MBA at the Harvard Business School.  I worked for several years at a Big-4 CPA firm between these programs.  Following my MBA studies, I performed financial and marketing roles in a variety of businesses, where I helped achieve first earnings in younger businesses and revitalized financial performance in established businesses.  I am currently serving as CFO at MeteorComm Wireless, a provider of purpose-built wireless networks to governments and business.  I have served on several boards and is currently a board member and committee chair at People for Puget Sound, a Seattle-based environmental non-profit.

As a proud Oxy parent, I’m especially pleased with my Oxy daughter’s relationships with her major’s professors.  I don’t believe she would have gotten the same level of individual attention and opportunity to support...

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May 2, 2013

WIMS Away Shadower at the Los Angeles Superior Court

I had never been in a courtroom before and I had little knowledge of the court system. This experience has made me realize that law is something that I really want to do. I’ve considered going to law school before this experience but this just affirmed my interest in a career in law. This experience has also opened my mind to the possibility of becoming a judge, a thought that had never occurred to me beforehand. Judge Landin advised us on types of classes to take and ideas on what to do once we start our career.

- Nancy Valdez

Superior Court 

Dennis Landin '77, Judge




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April 30, 2013

WIMS Away Shadower at Strategies 360

The three employees at Strategies 360 are very outgoing, diplomatic, straightforward and assertive. They know how to ask to get things done in a kind and effective way, which is crucial in a field where having connections and utilizing them to help clients get what they want is the cornerstone to the company. I had always assumed that working with state level politics would be the same as federal, and it turns out it is on a much more intimate level. This led me to desire to work on the federal level, because I was not so excited about work on such a small scale. After this experience, I am driven to use my skills in the same format that the employees at Strategies 360 do, but on a different level and with different issues. It motivated me to research careers in international...

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April 30, 2013

WIMS Away Shadower at Microsoft

Our first host at Microsoft, Eric Jaffe, demonstrated a very prepared and organized process of thought, an ability I noticed when sitting in on his business meetings. Eric works in the human resources department and during the meetings I attended he was attempting to set up a plan with co-workers on how to advertise and market in a meaningful way the benefits of being a Microsoft employee at the NEO (New Employee Orientation). Eric seemed to have prepared mental notes of all his goals and questions for the program prior to the meeting, because once the meeting began he seemed very driven; he presented himself in a way that showed he had a came to the meeting with a purpose. This not only shows his preparation abilities, but his organization skills as well. My second host, Scott Hannah...

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April 18, 2013

WIMS Away Shadower at Grey Advertising

Tor demonstrated his leadership skills, his ability to relate to his employees, and his charisma, which all  help him when managing around 1000 employees. In addition, although very busy Tor handled every meeting very diplomatically and gave his attention to many details, never accepting less than perfection. He was very nice and I have a great experience shadowing him.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone working both together and separately on projects. Each client gets assigned a group of people, creatives and account managers, who work on the client's brand. I loved the quick-paced and creative environment of the office.  Everyone I talked to agreed that no day was ever the same. Through this experience, I learned that I want to work in a very similar...

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April 18, 2013

"Valerie Savior in the CDC helped me tremendously with my law school application journey."

My name is Aja Sanneh and I am a senior, economics major at Oxy. My commitment to academics and engaging in leadership opportunities at Oxy have helped prepare me for law school, along with the help of the Valerie Savior in the CDC.

Taking advantage of my liberal arts education has been critical to my personal growth. Because I walk from art to economics to english class, I have learned to think in different ways, speak different languages, problem solve with a variety of tools, and work with my peers from all academic backgrounds. Additionally,  my experience as the student representative on the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee has deepened my understanding and commitment to academics at Oxy. My roles in student government and student clubs, such as the president of...

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April 11, 2013

"the work of the CDC is greatly appreciated!"

I want to thank the CDC for all the hard work it puts into creating internships for us students, and for preparing us for the real world. Every time I meet with a member of the CDC team, I feel more prepared and confident in my professional development. It's so important as students that we have mentors dedicated to readying us for the workforce. In particular, I found this week's information sessions on InternLA  very insightful--so thank you, the work of the CDC is greatly appreciated.

- Lillian Krovoza ‘15

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April 9, 2013

"our number one choice for recruiting"

For over fifteen years, Occidental College has provided our company with talented multilingual graduates, several of whom have become full-time employees after semester-long internships. The combination of solid liberal arts education and language skills resulting from study abroad programs makes Occidental College our number one choice for recruiting.

- Richard Paegelow
Managing Director
Inline Translation Services, Inc.

April 9, 2013

"Now I am loving my job and am excited about my future career."

Valerie Savior at the CDC helped me define my values and career interest. Additionally, she convinced me to get an internship and helped me get the perfect one helping Renee Dominique ‘91 at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts with its annual art auction. That...

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April 4, 2013

WIMS Away Shadower at Gallatin Public Affairs

A career in public relations requires good people skills, or the ability to talk with and persuade many different types of people. The job also requires the ability to multi-task, as Anna Boone '06 told me that she was often working ten different projects at a time.

I loved the friendly atmosphere of the office and the fact that the office members frequently work together on projects. Being able to bounce ideas off of my co-workers (and just generally enjoy their company) would definitely be enlivening. I liked the strategic piece of the work at Gallatin; working with a client to create a plan for their public and governmental outreach strategy.  However I believe it could be draining to have to continually be “on” - presenting your best possible self to potential clients and constantly looking for networking opportunities. The experience also made me realize that I want to work for a cause I believe in.

The piece of...

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