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March 1, 2014

With the generous support of the Michael J. Connell foundation, the CDL+R and the Information Resources group are happy to announce the soft launch of Occidental's new Digital Production Studio. 

Digital Production Studio

Located on the ground floor of the Academic Commons, the studio features:

A suite of media production equipment available for checkout:

  • Four Canon 70D camera kits
  • One GoPro camera kit
  • Four Zoom H4N sound kits
  • One onboard Rode mic
  • One Rode boom and blimp mic
  • Four Lighting kits

A set of postproduction computers:

  • Four Apple iMac computers equipped with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools
  • An additional iMac computer located in an interview/ green screen production room 

An array of equipment designed...

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January 28, 2014

December 10, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Occidental College to give a talk on the Fulbright Scholar program and share some of my experiences while on a Fulbright grant. I was especially excited to visit Oxy because I wanted to meet the folks and brains behind the Center for Digital Learning and Research and hear about Scholarship Technology at Occidental. I spent over 12 years working as an academic technologist at a small liberal arts college, so I am familiar with that culture. Frankly, I wanted to see for myself how a small, prestigious school creates a space, attracts, and supports digital scholar post-docs, folks that, in every practical sense, can be termed alternative academics. I met everyone in the CDLR and ST groups and was so impressed with the work and programs they have going at Oxy.


This post, like my talk in September, is about my Fulbright grant experience. I was on a Fulbright Scholar grant for 11 months in 2009-10 to the University of the West Indies in Barbados. It was the time of my life. I was part of the ...

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July 30, 2013

Blogger: Alex Kuefler

Last week, cognitive science professor Carmel Levitan and I sat down with CDLR postdoc fellow, Wendy Hsu. Our mission was to try our hands at programming a couple of Arduino microcontrollers. Within the hour we had lights flashing and speakers chirping over a table festooned with multicolored wires and upended cardboard boxes.

Arduino combines hardware and software into a single platform, ready-made for technophiles without requisite computer skills or soldering guns. But the handy microcontroller isn’t just a plaything for hobbyists. Working with Movable Parts, Wendy has already built the technology into an art installation featured at CicLAvia. Volunteers climbed onto bikes fitted with Arduino boards programmed to sense changes in the rotational speed of the wheels. Impromptu...

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September 9, 2012

The Center for Digital Learning + Research is pleased to announce the first High-Tech Happy hour of the year, made all the more thoughtful and enjoyable by a joint sponsorship with the Center for Teaching Excellence.

The theme for this event -- held in the CDLR this upcoming Wednesday, September 12th from 4:30-6pm -- will be classroom design. As you know, the learning space team within the Occidental space committee has conducted faculty surveys, held detailed small group sessions, and is working hard to ensure that new learning spaces bring together the best input from Occidental faculty and professional learning space designers. At this High-Tech Happy Hour attendees will have the opportunity to review drafts of the classroom design palette which will be applied during the renovations of Johnson Hall.
Please stop by, enjoy a refreshment, and share your thoughts about these proposed classroom designs and technology integrations. If you expect that you will be able to attend, please drop me a note so that we can ensure adequate food and drink.
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April 23, 2012

Since I work in the CDLR, I get to raise all kinds of wild questions that don’t fall into the purview of traditional, disciplinary bound scholarship. To prepare for my presentation at the Pop Conference (instituted by Experience Music Project in Seattle), this year combined with IASPM-US (International Association for the Study of Popular Music), I became preoccupied with the question: “How do I visualize a music analysis about space and place?”

My paper extends my dissertation work on The Kominas, a South Asian American punk band tied to the alternative Muslim subculture self-labeled as Taqwacore. In this paper, I chose to focus on the band’s music. Through a couple of song...

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April 11, 2012

I recently decided to start sharing my reflections on my day-to-day as a postdoc in Digital Scholarship at Oxy. I welcome feedback on my work because at times I feel as if much of our work could go unnoticed in a world so dominated by conventional notions of research and learning. Anything alternative to traditional research (i.e. publishing) and teaching (within the curriculum) -- or labeled as #altac -- could get lost in the mix. I'm cross-posting from my personal blog.

One of the faculty projects associated with the CDLR is Lisa Wade's Sociological Images, one of the most visible and influential public sociology sites in the blogosphere. To follow up...

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April 6, 2012

We are announcing the call for the third Mellon Summer Digital Scholarship Institute at Occidental College.

Please review the flyer for the details and keep in mind the following dates:

April 12th: Mellon Digital Scholarship Symposium (5-9pm), with a preceding open office hours (4-5pm) where you can learn more about the 2012 DSI in conversation with the Scholarship Technology team and previous institute attendees.

May 4th: Deadline for applications

May 11th: Announcement of 2012 DSI cohort


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April 6, 2012

As a capstone to our Mellon Digital Scholarship Speaker Series and as an opportunity to share with the broader campus some of the important work and ideas that are going on at Occidental with regard to open, public, and digital scholarship, we are hosting a Digital Scholarship Symposium, set to take place on the evening of Thursday, April 12th. In addition, a special session focusing on students scholarship with and through digital tools will take place the day before.


Wednesday, April 11th

12-2pm: Digital poster session featuring student scholarship (@ CDLR)


Thursday, April 12th

5:00-6:15pm: Digital / Public / Open scholarship roundtable featuring Amy Lyford, Shanna Lorenz, and Lisa Wade (@ Mosher 1)

6:15-7:00pm: Break and reception (Mosher courtyard)

7:00-8:15pm: Keynote speaker: Pat Aufderheide on Fair Use (@ Mosher 1)

8:15-9:15pm: Closing reception (Mosher courtyard)


These events are open to the entire Occidental Community, as well as to our friends and colleagues outside of Oxy.



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April 4, 2012

Today, during our iMovie Studio Session, the CDLR team (along with some of the members of our wonderful Scholarship Technology group, and a few Oxy students we roped in) created a brief trailer to promote our Studio Sessions.  These hands on sessions where we invite students and faculty to come create with technology are part of our broader Year of Critical Making + Code.  But, we'll let our Muppet friends fill you in on all the details...

Have an idea for a Studio Session that involves tinkering with technology or critical making?  Do you want to be kept informed about upcoming Studio Session events sponsored by the CDLR?  Contact me at

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