Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Studies Senior Theses Presentations

American Studies Senior Theses Presentations


Renee Hytha - "Crisis of Masculinity in Post-War Era and Playboy's Solution"

Brandi Locke - "A Class Apart? Ideologies of African American Clubwomen in The Woman's Era, 1894-1897" (Honors Thesis)

Sara Mooney - "Racial Politics and Student Experience: A Case Study of Multicultural Policies at Occidental College, 1980-1997" (Honors Thesis)

Sam Stapleton - "More Than A Game: The Role of African American Athletes in the Civil Rights Movement"

Siyuan Zhou - "Getting a Foot in the Door: Occupational Patterns of Chinese Americans, 1882-2000"

Nora Kleiman - "In Search of Equilibrium: Asian American Male Identities in Pange of Love and American Knees"