Thursday, April 25, 2013

Art History Senior Comprehensive Presentations

Art History Senior Comprehensive Presentations


Hillary Holmes - A Dual Renaissance: Defining the "Civic Style" of Florence and Siena, 140-1450

Lousie Cale - Black Mountain College, Josef Albers and the Education of Robert Rauscenberg

Abigail Donahue - Donald Judd, Marfa, and the Intersection of Sculpture and the Landscape

Catherine Oak - Art into Science: Anatomical Drawing int he 15th and 16th Century

Anna Jane Jones - "Defiant, Defensive, Do Good": The FLOAT HOUSE and post-Katrina house design

Adriana Gomez - Wrath and Redemption: Saint Sebastian and the Transformation of Plauge Imagery in Fourteent and Fifteenth Century Florence