Thursday, March 20, 2014

Artbound: Cultural Journalism and Transmedia Storytelling

The Oxy community is invited to a screening and conversation with Juan Devis, Executive producer of ARTBOUND.


How have online platforms, social media structures, and streaming video capacities transformed possibilities for cultural media production? KCET’s Artbound demonstrates such possibilities as a team of over 50 cultural critics from across Southern California write and post articles on the emerging artists and activities of SoCal’s vibrant art community to the Artbound website. Site visitors vote on the articles, with top picks shot and produced as short video documentaries that are then streamed online and broadcast on KCET, America’s largest independent television station. The creators of Artbound seek to transform traditional modes of top-down media production, instead creating mechanisms “through which audiences can take direct action in the creation of a common narrative.” Executive Producer Juan Devis will share the genesis of Artbound, screen sample episodes, and join in conversation about the potentials of such transmedia storytelling. More at