Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Diego Pascual y Cabo on Language Change in Heritage Spanish Speakers

The Spanish Department invites the college community to attend a research talk by Professor Diego Pascual y Cabo of the University of Florida Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. His talk is entitled "Language Change in Heritage Speaker Spanish: The Case of Gustar-like Verbs."


This project contributes to current trends of heritage speaker bilingualism research by examining Spanish gustar-like verbs. I refine previous studies and hypothesize that these verbs are possibly undergoing a reanalysis of their canonical underlying syntactic and semantic structure. Results will be discussed vis-a-vis accounts that seek to explain divergence in HS grammars such as incomplete acquisition (e.g. Montrul 2008), L1 attrition (e.g. Polinski 2011) and input delimited differences (e.g. Pires & Rothman 2009).