Saturday, March 30, 2013

Innovate Oxy

Be ready to be inspired.


Welcome to the new Occidental, a college where ideas are not only shared, but they come to life. It's time to take part in the most exciting and action focused event at Oxy this year: Innovate Oxy. You have 10 hours to work with friends, professors, administrators and professionals to solve some of the most crucial problems on campus in the areas of communication and sustainability. Oxypreneurship students will lead you through "ideation" brainstorming processes that are used in some of the most innovative communities on the planet. At the end, your group will have the chance to share your progress with those who can help make it a permanent reality. How will you Innovate Oxy?

All Students Welcome!

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This event is also mandatory for those enrolled in DWA/ECON 150.