Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Media Arts & Culture Senior Critical Studies & Screenplay Comps

Join the media and culture major seniors as they present their comprehensive critical papers and screenplays!


For the first time at Oxy, the screenplay students will be using actors to read a selected piece from their screenplay. It's practically free entertainment! Afterwards, there will be a celebratory reception with plenty of food, drinks (for those of you 21 or older), and music on Swan patio.

The order for the night, title of screenplay/presentation:

Taylor Rowland, Feature Screenplay: Deadweight, New Mexico
Stephen Maloney, Reality as Exhibition: "Reality Television and the History of Ethnographic Documentary Filmmaking and Photography"
Lizzy McGroder, Feature Screenplay: The Pizza Peanut Butter Girls
Kathleen McClain, Honor Thesis: "The Cinema of Transgression: Trauma and the Limit of Representation"
Desmend Jetton, Feature Screenplay: Tackling the Odds
Molli Carlson, Feature Screenplay: La Vie en Faux
Nora Feichtmeir, "You Only Live Twice: Being and Finitude in Mad Men"
Alex Florsheim, Feature Screenplay: Side Effect-Zombie