Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UEP Senior Comps: Schools, Education, Community Benefits Agreements

Seven UEP students present their senior comprehensive projects related to Schools, Education, and Community Benefits Agreements.


9:00AM: Forrest Ben Kowalczyk
Labor & Community Coalition Building in Local Politics;
Lessons from the Portland Community Benefits Campaign

9:45AM: Dylan Sittig
Public Participation in Urban Planning

10:30AM: Alex Acuna
Refined Corporate-Community Relations:
Is a Community Benefits Agreement Possible in Richmond, CA?

11:15AM: Roxanne Butler
Will Sports Save the American City:
Deconstructing the Power Dynamics Between Public, Private and
Community Interest: A Case Study of Los Angeles

12:45PM: Lizet Barba
Schooling in the Barrio: The Lennox School District's 

Approach to Community Empowerment and Educational Mobility

1:45PM: Charlotte Krovoza
In the Trenches: Reflections on the Pedagogy and
Policy of Teaching Los Angeles' English Language Learners

2:30PM: Eliza Campbell
Grassroots Greening: Motives for Involvement in
Proposition 84 Funded School Greening Projects in LAUSD