Friday, May 3, 2013

UEP Senior Comps: Social Movement, Labor Organizing and Health

Eight UEP students present their senior comprehensive projects related to Social Movement, Labor Organizing, and Health


9:00AM: Jessica Welty
An In-Depth Analysis of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Los
Angeles County and the Implementation of the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act

9:45AM: Allegra Keith
"Taking the Reins": Adaptive Horseback Riding for At-Risk Youth

10:30AM: Fatima Avellan
Stepping Stones to Success: the Determining Factors of Best Practices
and Policies for Sexual Violence Prevention at Small Liberal Arts

11:15AM: Tyler Brewington
Taking the Kinks Out of Your Hair and Out of Your Mind: A study on
Black hair and the intersections of race and gender in the United

12:45PM: Caitlin Ruppel
Equalizing Access in the Fair Trade: An Examination of Gender Equity
across Nicaraguan Coffee Cooperatives

1:30PM: Allyssa Scheyer
Why Did We Occupy? Occupy Los Angeles as a Moment in Time

2:15PM: Jordan DeLano
Si se Puede? Organizing Workers Along the Food Supply Chain: Comparing
the Strategies and Tactics of Worker Centers and Unions

3:00PM: Clara Wheatley-Schaller
Do or Die: How Organized Labor Beat Prop 32 and What it Means for the
Labor Movement