Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UEP Senior Comps: Transportation, Transit Justice

Five UEP students present their senior comprehensive projects related to Transportation and transit justice.


11:30AM: Kevin Brunke
Back to the Future? The Reintroduction of Streetcar Service in Downtown Los Angeles

12:15PM: Charlotte Bromley
Displacement and Gentrification in Low-Income Communities Connected to the
Los Angeles 30/10 Plan: Who is Vulnerable, What Can Be Done to Prevent
Deepening Inequality, and How L.A.'s Expanded Transit System Can Succeed

3:00PM:  Shylana Roman
Tracking the Nature of Urban Transit in Boston and Los Angeles:
How the Nature of a Community's Public Transit System Affects Accessibility to Health Care

3:45PM:  Jonathan Krol
Surveying Transit Riders at Culver City Expo Station and the Wilshire/Western Purple Line Station:
A Comparative Case Study of Mid-City/Westside Rail Expansion in Los Angeles

4:30PM:  Emma Sorrell
Olympic-Sized Opportunities: An Investigation of the Olympic Games as a
Tool to Promote and Advance a Sustainable Agenda