Monday, February 10, 2014 - Friday, February 14, 2014


V Day aka VAGINA DAY is right around the corner which means the most anticipated show of the year is COMING... that's right VAGINA MONOLOGUES. The week leading up to it is V-Week.The week will feature a number of events that will address different gender and sexual issues. 


  • Time: All Day
  • Sponsor: ASOC

Mon. Feb. 10th at Noon: Marching of the Uterus @ Mullen Studio (next to UEP house and the President's house) and will walk down to the front of Thorne.

Mon. Feb. 10th at 7p.m. in Fowler 201: "Real Talk: Sex"

Tues. Feb. 11th at 8pm in Fowler 302: Documentary screening of "How to Loose Your Virginity" 

Thurs. Feb. 13th at 6pm in Fowler 110: Trans 101 Workshop

Fri. Feb. 14th at 7pm in Thorne: Vagina Monologues Show. $5 for students, $10 general admission. Tickets sold on the Quad during lunch. 

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