Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Veronica Gonzalez Lopez on Spanish-English Bilinguals

The Spanish Department invites the college community to attend a research talk by Spanish Linguistics Search Candidate Professor Veronica Gonzalez Lopez of Denison University. Her talk is entitled "The Syntactic Priming of Variable Phenomena in the Monolingual and Code-Switched Speech of Spanish-English Bilinguals and Heritage Speakers."


The present study examines the effects that two variable syntactic phenomena in Spanish - subject pronoun expression and clitic placement - and language mode (monolingual vs. bilingual) ahve on syntactic priming (the tendency for speakers to repeat a linguistic structure to which they ahve had prior exposure). 44 bilinguals and Heritage speakers were recorded producing oral personal narratives and sentence completion tasks that elicited the target structures during three experimental sessions (monolingual Spanish, language switching, and code-switching). Results are interpreted in light of current linguistic and psycholinguistic theories of structural priming. Some general implications and possible applications of the results are discussed.

Refreshments will be served.