Terri Anderson

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Sociology


  • Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:40-1:00 pm

Education: B.A. U.C. Irvine, M.A. U.C.L.A., Ph.D U.C.L.A.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Terri Anderson has a Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA, and B.A. degrees in Sociology, Psychology, & Philosophy. She teaches sociology courses at UCLA, Occidental College, and UCLA Extension, in a range of diverse topics, including Hip & Cool: A Study of Distinction & Exclusion (a course on the modern hipster), Pranks & Troublemaking: The Sociology of Cognitive Mischief, Art/Entertainment & Social Change, Sociology of Food, Sociology of Emotions, Sociology of the Family, Animals & Society, Sociology of Gender, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Mental Illness, Social Psychology, Media & Mass Communications, Occupations & Professions, Self & Society, Living Consciously: Philosophy in Everyday Life, and of course Introductory Sociology. She has taught well over 200 courses at 11 colleges & universities.

She also directs an international art community, AMP: The Artists’ Meeting Place & Resource Collective. AMP has over 4,000 members, working at all levels, in all fields of art, in 86 countries worldwide. Dr. Anderson created AMP in 2005, and has since produced various multimedia art events in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. She enjoys very long research-related road trips with Charlotte & Rose, her adopted Dalmatian girls. At 8400 miles driven, 2014’s trip was the longest yet, while 2015’s 7400 mile trip focused on small towns you’ve probably never heard of (which doesn’t make them hipster). Dr. Anderson hopes to acquire a strong & reliable four wheel drive vehicle by summer of 2016, because climbing wet dirt and gravel roads in the Appalachians with a Thrifty rental minivan just doesn’t work.