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August 26, 2014

Over the summer we upgraded Moodle to a new version and gave it a facelift.  

The result is a platform with a cleaner look, a responsive design that improves usability across all devices, including tablets and smartphones, and new features such as the ability to annotate assignments submitted as PDFs directly within Moodle.

New look and feel

The change you’re likely to notice first is the new design and layout. The new look brings Moodle into closer alignment with Oxy’s website. In terms of layout, course pages now feature three columns, instead of two. Now you will find your Navigation and Administration blocks in the left column, course content in the middle, and all other default blocks in the right column.

Old Moodle layout

Before -- Navigation and Administration...

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August 26, 2014

ITS made significant progress this summer on our plan to improve classroom AV equipment.

Classroom upgrades were completed in the following locations:

  • New media classroom installation in Keck 208,
  • New media cart installation in the Galarza Room,
  • Full system upgrades in Weingart 209, Weingart 210; Berkus 242 to be completed by 8/27,
  • System components upgraded in order to add High-Definition Media Interface (HDMI) connections in Fowler 110, 111, 112, 209, 302, and 309,
  • Mobile computer lectern added to Fowler 113,
  • ALL media classrooms fully tested and controls reconfigured where necessary both for consistency among the classrooms and to prepare for implementing a system that will assist with maintaining  media equipment in classrooms;...
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August 26, 2014

We are moving one step further into the world of all-digital classrooms and will soon greatly improve our ability to fix problems quickly, before they impact teaching plans.

This summer ITS applied for and received a grant from Extron Electronics, the manufacturer of the control systems in our media rooms. The systems allow us to upgrade the controls in all of our classrooms so that they will  alert ITS staff  when such trackable problems as a lamp failure occur. This will help our staff get to the room with the right information and tools to resolve problems quicker. Through the server we will also have a back-end view of the system status, adding the potential for remote support and troubleshooting for Oxy’s 70+ media rooms.

  • This system will not replace staff immediately going out to classrooms if we receive a phone call about a problem.
  • We will not be...
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August 26, 2014

Thanks to advances in technology, connecting through video is easier and better than ever!

Last spring we purchased a video conference cart for use in Johnson Hall and successfully handled a number of video conferences for classes and other events. As a result we now have a second mobile unit for use in other rooms on campus, as well as web-based software that can be used by faculty and staff to set up video meetings with anyone in the world who has access to the Internet through a computer or mobile phone.

The video conference system or cart can be set up on request by Media Services for classes or events. Please give at least a week's notice to be sure that the equipment is available, and allow time for setting up a test with the guest lecturer in advance of the class.


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August 26, 2014

This Summer, ITS has spent considerable time and resources on projects aimed at improving the basic technology infrastructure at the College.

ITS, working with Los Nettos, the College’s ISP (Internet Service Provider),  completed construction of a second fiber optic cable that will connect our campus to a Los Nettos hub at the USC Health Services campus.  Once Los Nettos completes their upgrade project, this cable will provide a redundant connection to the Internet for Oxy; a redundant connection will help insure Oxy against loss of Internet connectivity.

Below: how our redundant Internet link arrives to campus, starting at the corner of Rangeview Avenue and Avenue 49.


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August 26, 2014

Occidental College Library and partner organizations Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society (ERVHS) and Highland Park Heritage Trust (HPHT) are preserving 100 years of local history by building a digital archive of Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood newspapers.

Selected years from a dozen papers are now available online, for example, Belvedere Citizen, Highland Park Post-Dispatch, Highland Park Herald, and Eagle Rock Sentinel.

The papers with sample content thus far are the following:

  • Belvedere Citizen
  • Eagle Rock Advertiser
  • Eagle Rock Sentinel
  • Eastside Journal
  • El Sereno Star
  • Highland Park Herald
  • Highland Park News-Herald & Journal
  • The Occidental

To access them all, visit the...

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August 26, 2014

In the last three years, Library staff have been  implementing  the 2011 recommendations of the Academic Commons Task Force (ACTF), a component of the Integrated Planning Process of 2010-2011. The recommendations include items for the offices and programs that will be housed in the renovated library building, the nature of library collections, and the conceptual and physical role of the building in campus intellectual life. Following an account of the general goals of the review, readers will find a history of the project beginning with the ACTF recommendations about the Library’s...

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August 26, 2014

 The Center for Digital Learning + Research is delighted to welcome the arrival of Patty Ahn and David Kim as new Mellon Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellows.


Patty Ahn

Patty is joining us from the Critical Studies Department at USC's School of Cinematic Arts,...

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August 26, 2014

Want to hear Martin Luther King’s talk to Oxy students in 1967? Oxy Prez Arthur Coons' Convocation address of 1961? Photographer Ansel Adams’s 1969 lecture on conservation? Listen to the 1953 Glee Club recording of Brahms Folk Songs? How about a video tour of the campus with students in 1935 or campus scenes from the 1930s to 1970s?

The Special Collections and College Archives holds films, video, and audio recordings that document campus life and events of the 20th century. Most of these are on recording formats for equipment that is out of date (VCR, film projectors, reel-to-reel audio players, etc.).  Eighteen months ago, Digitization Specialist Eli Chartkoff began reformatting these rare materials into digital files for preservation in our Digital College Archive. Here are some of the collections underway:

Historic Campus Films: 33 16mm and 8mm films dating from 1931 to 1977, in color and black and white, silent and sound, depicting campus and classroom scenes, student life, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, student...

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August 26, 2014

During the 2013-14 academic year, the Occidental College Commons (OCC) Working Group met regularly with Frederic Fisher Partners to develop the schematic design for the commons.

Working Group members from the faculty included: Amy Lyford, Julie Prebel, Dan Snowden-Ifft, and Saul Traiger. Administrative members included: Amos Himmelstein, Brett Schraeder, Joe O'Hara, Marsha Schnirring,  Rebecca Stoltz, Shelby Radcliffe, and Thomas Polansky.

The schematic design phase results in renderings that can be used by President Veitch and the Institutional Advancement Team in fundraising for the project.

Here is an image from the schematic design. For more information, contact Marsha Schnirring (

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