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March 28, 2011

Bevin Ashenmiller, Assistant Professor, Economics, has little patience for “technology for technology’s” sake. As an educator, she feels that simply adopting any “gimmicky” new device or program that comes along is a poor way to advance the real goals of pedagogy. This is why she found last summer’s Digital Scholarship Institute so rewarding. Bevin says the DSI not only introduced attendees to new digital tools, it also became a forum for debate about the value of different academic technologies. “The thing that is most challenging as a faculty member is to learn how to leverage technology in a way that enhances learning,” she says. “DSI staff gave us a bunch of choices based on what people had asked for, as well as other things that might be useful. At the end of the day the most helpful part was the opportunity to talk about...

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March 28, 2011

Amy Lyford, Associate Professor, Art History and the Visual Arts, applied to the Digital Scholarship Institute last summer with a variety of classroom and research goals in mind. Now, only a few months after completing DSI, a group of her students have used online resources to share critiques of a landmark building. Others have contributed to an international geospatial web project that’s not only helped improve their research and critical thinking skills, it may help to bring much-deserved credit to a little-known African American architect. Lyford came to the institute with some familiarity with the digital technologies she wanted to use. What she needed was further clarification and incentive to begin experimenting with these tools. “I feel like the DSI gave me ideas or pushed me to try out ideas I had already considered. It was almost like a jumpstart,” she...

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March 27, 2011

oxy voices study green bean computers finals

Today we open a new communication connection among the people of Information Resources and the communities with whom we interact. This blog will be the place to look for news about the Academic Commons, about new resources, changes to services, and trends in digital scholarship and technology. This is also where we hope to hear from you in an ongoing conversation about scholarship, technology and higher education.We are using a blog rather than a print document for two reasons. The first is that we want this to be an opportunity for dialogue, for comment and critique, for question and answer. Print documents do not easily enable the give and take of conversation. Choosing the right communication...

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