La Encina


The yearbook wouldn't be possible without its staff of dedicated students. Interested in joining the staff? Find more info here.

2016-17 Staff


Ada Flavin, General Staff

Alia Becker, Photographer

Caldwell Biddle, Photography Editor

Caroline Silverstein, Copy Editor

Claire Sears, Layout Editor

Georgina Garcia-Obledo, Manager/Editor

Jordan McDaneld, General Staff

Joyce Liao, Copy Editor

Lexi Banbury, Photographer

Madelene Riley, Photographer

Malone Hedges, Tech Master

Saaron Ramirez, General Staff

Suchen Huang, General Staff

Willie Siau, Photography Editor

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    Newcomb Media Suite
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    OSL - La Encina
    1600 Campus Rd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90041
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