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LLAS 101 - Introduction to Latina/o and Latin American Studies

This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to sources, methods and approaches in the transnational study of Latin American and US Latino communities. We will focus on the social and cultural interaction of indigenous, European, African, and Asian peoples from the colonial period to the present, using a variety of primary and secondary materials, including films, literature, historical documents, visual arts, material culture, music, scholarly books and essays. Field experiences in Los Angeles will supplement the course materials. Specific course topics will vary by instructor, but may include: migration, mestizaje, indigenism, imperialism, dependency, nationalism, urbanization, popular culture, and social movements.

LLAS 490 - Senior Seminar

In this course students will write their senior theses on Latin America or Latino communities. Seminar meetings will focus on issues concerning research methods and will guide students through the steps of writing a substantial essay. Students will present their findings in a public forum at the end of the course.  Prerequisite: Open only to LLAS majors. Satisfaction of the Major's language requirement (SPAN 202 or SPAN 211). SPAN 202 or 211 fulfills the language requirement but is not counted towards the 40 units of credit necessary for the major.

Courses that Count Towards a Major or Minor in Latino/a and Latin American Studies

CTSJ: 247 Machos: Forms of Latin American Manliness.
* ENGL 354: Chicano Literature.
* ENGL 365  U.S. Latino Literature.
ECON 324  Economics of Immigration.
EDUC 213.  Chicano Education.
DWA 237:  Communism in a Post-Communist World.
DWA 240: Comparative Revolutions.
HIST 150: Colonial Latin America.
HIST 151: Modern Latin America.
HIST 252: Religion in Mexico, Pre-Columbian Times to the Present
HIST 258: Mexican Politics in the Twentieth Century .
* HIST 300: Mexican Revolution or
*HIST 300: Gender and Sexuality in Colonial Latin America.
HIST 353: Catholicism and Social Justice in the Americas
HIST 354: Race in Latin America.
HIST 355: Indians of Mexico.
HIST 358: Latin America - U.S. Relations;
HIST 359: Mexico-U.S. Borderlands .
MUSC 102: Music of Latin America.
* MUSC 385/386:  Performance and Politics of the U.S.-Mexico Border.
POLS 210/POLS 221: Latin American Politics.
POLS 295: Latino/a Politics
POLS 295: Minority Politics in Latin America
PSYC 385: Chicanas and Chicanos in Contemporary U.S. Society.
RELS 228: Chican@s Religious Identities
SOC 210: The Struggle for Human Rights in Mexico
* SOC 335: Democratizing Latin America
* SOC 420: Immigration.
SPAN 301: Introduction to Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin American Literature.
SPAN 303: Introduction to Modern Latin American Literature and Civilization.
SPAN 309: Latin American Writers in Spain.
SPAN 313: Latin American Film and Culture.
SPAN 314: Latin American Women's Voice in Fiction/Film.
SPAN 363: Hispanic Autobiography.
SPAN 382: Contemporary Mexican Novel.
SPAN 378: Buenos Aires in Latin American Fiction and Film.
THEA 303: Latina/o Theater.


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