Faculty Voices

Faculty Voices

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Featured Professor Profile: James Ford

Hear Assistant Professor James Ford discuss what he appreciates about Occidental students and the English & Comparative Literary Studies (ECLS) department. View more Professor Profiles.

Faculty Voices on the Web

Lisa Wade, assistant professor of sociology
Website: lisa-wade.com
Twitter: @lisawade
Blogs: Sociological Images
Jezebel blog
Ms. Magazine blog

Peter Dreier, Dr. E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics
Twitter: @PeterDreier
Huffington Post author page
The Nation author page

Caroline Heldman, associate professor of politics
Twitter: @CarolineHeldman
Blog: Political Musings from a “Totalitarian Liberal”
Ms. Magazine blog

Danielle Dirks, assistant professor of sociology
Academic website
Twitter: @danielledirks

John Lang, assistant professor of sociology
Academic website
Twitter: @JohnLangphd

Ron Buckmire, associate professor of mathematics
Blog: The Mad Professah Lectures
Twitter: @madprofessah

Irene Girton, associate dean and professor of music
Twitter: @igirton

Mark Vallianatos, policy director, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute
Twitter: @markvalli

Carey Sargent, Head of Instruction and Research
Course Blog: Liberal Arts on the Brink?
Twitter: @careysargent

John McCormack, assistant professor of biology; Director and Curator of Birds and Mammals, Moore Laboratory of Zoology
Blog: Moore Lab of Zoology
Twitter: @laevolving

La Mont Terry, assistant professor of education
Twitter: @Doc_la_roc

Walt Richmond, adjunct assistant professor, German, Russian, and classical studies
Twitter: @WaltRichmond