The Blyth Fund gives students hands-on experience in investment strategies—with real money.

Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

Oxy students don’t just take classes. They take charge and create new opportunities for innovation and learning.

When an Oxy student gets an idea, watch out! You know something big is about to happen, and the results can be impressive.


Managing a six-figure investment fund might intimidate some students, but Oxy students have been handling the Blyth Fund for more than 30 years. More recently, a new group of students has jumped into the world of international micro-lending by starting the Occidental Impact Fund.

Serving the Community

Reaching out and supporting other areas of L.A. is important to Oxy students. One example is AATP, a student-initiated project reaching out to local youth and working to provide them with a foundation to achieve their educational goals.


With L.A. being the home to a large portion of world media, it’s no surprise that our students show interest in these areas. CatAList TV leaped onto the campus scene two years ago and has been growing ever since, while KOXY radio and The Occidental Weekly have much longer histories.

Small Businesses

Oxy students are running small businesses and departments on campus every day. From the student-run Green Bean Coffee Lounge to the Oxy Design Service and the Bengal Bus shuttle service, student initiatives help keep campus running smoothly. These are the opportunities that allow them to follow in the footsteps of business-savvy Oxy alumni such as the 2005 grads who founded the local restaurant Spitz.


Saving the planet is a passion for many Oxy students, and food plays a big part in that. That’s why the Oxy campus has a student-run organic garden and a student-managed bike-sharing and repairing program.


The tradition of student innovation at Oxy has a history dating back to 1900 with the founding of Greek organizations like Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha. More recently, the Greek community added a unique coed organization focused on equity and service.