Kristina Gustovich '14

Kristina Gustovich '14

I grew up in Los Angeles, and I have to admit: I took the city for granted. But as an Oxy student, I’ve had the opportunity to rediscover and fall in love with L.A.

Starting with my pre-frosh OxyEngage trip, Occidental urged me to explore Southern California with new eyes. Backpacking through Big Bear for three days, I got a hands-on lesson in forest conservation and along the way formed lasting friendships. Even today, it remains one of my favorite Oxy experiences.

Since then, I’ve continued to embrace the city’s hidden corners. As a theater major considering a second major in geology, I’ve explored L.A.’s theater scene—from well-known venues to the more experimental—and worked closely with professors whose research is inspiring and fascinating.

Campus feels small not because of our numbers, but because everyone is so involved and the community so open. Eating at the Marketplace, you’ll recognize five tables of familiar faces. Oxy doesn’t have “theater kids,” and no one is dismissed as “one of the athletes.” Every one of us is four different kinds of student, from diverse backgrounds and with eclectic interests. 

What we all have in common is that we are involved in a thousand different things, and we give 100 percent to each one. At Oxy, if we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it right.

Kristina Gustovich, Class of 2014, is a theater major. She is an OxyEngage leader, a dancer, a high jumper, and can tell you where to find the best sandwich on campus.