MAJOR: The major consists of 44 units. A minimum of 2 units must consist of two semesters of Production Lab (Theater 121 or 122) in two different areas (one must be a running crew.) The 121/122 requirement must be completed by the end of the junior year. Another 2 units may consist of two semesters of Performance Lab (211). The Department has established standards of excellence in theoretical analysis, performance, and production that our students meet by completing a comprehensive project in the senior year. Information concerning all phases of the senior project can be obtained from the Department Chair.

The Department welcomes interdisciplinary programs and double majors, and will work carefully with students interested in such programs. Up to 8 units of select courses from Film, Music, Studio Art, Art History, and Dramatic Literature may be applied to the Theater Major in consultation with the department chair.Students who major in the Department of Theater pursue the following program of study: Theater 101; Theater 110; Theater 120; two semesters of Theater 121 and/or 122; Theater 175; Theater 210; Theater 301; four units of coursework in design or technical theater selected from Theater 225, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 250, 275, 320, 325, 330, 335, 346, 370 and 375; and at least 16 units from other Theater or approved interdisciplinary courses.

WRITING REQUIREMENT: Students majoring in Theater will fulfill Occidental College's 3rd year writing requirement by completing a significant research and analytical paper as part of Theater 301 or 302. Students should familiarize themselves with the departmental requirement at the time of declaring the major. See the Writing Program and consult the department chair for additional information.

MINOR: The minor consists of a minimum of 20 units: Theater 101, 110, 120, either 175 or 210, two semesters of 121 (one of which must be a running crew), and four additional units from the Theater curriculum.

COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION: The department accomplishes the college objectives for the Senior Comprehensive by having each candidate, having completed the 121/122 requirement, (1) propose a creative or research project; (2) submit a paper of research and/or preparation during the comprehensive process, to be discussed with the faculty; and (3) execute the project. Projects may include but are not limited to acting, directing, design, playwriting, stage management, technical direction, theater management, and scholarly research. See the department for details.

HONORS: To receive College Honors in the department of Theater, the student must be a major and achieve a 3.50 grade point average in departmental courses. In addition the student must achieve a 3.25 grade point average overall, and receive a grade of Pass with Distinction on the senior comprehensive project. See the Honors Program for additional information.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: In the summer, Occidental College hosts the annual Occidental Children's Theater at the Remsen Bird Hillside Amphitheater. Academic credit is available for this program through Theater 197 or 397. Off-campus internships in professional theater and film may be arranged during the academic year or summer through the Department of Theater and the Career Development Center. Support for undergraduate research and travel are available both during the academic year and during the summer. Contact the Department Chair and the Undergraduate Research Center for more information. We encourage Theater students to participate in study abroad. Information on approved programs is available through the International Programs Office. Credit toward the major may be available.