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August 14, 2015

The Division of Student Affairs at Occidental College is a robust campus division with 9 departments continuously pushing for student development, support, and excellence. This year, the division moved forward to proudly be a part of the NASPA’s Undergraduate Fellowship Program (NUFP) and host two interns—Armando Figueroa from UC Davis and Alex Atashi from UC San Diego.

Upward Bound was fortunate to have Armando and Alex as key contributors to the College Retention Program, Summer Leadership Seminars, and High School Senior College Support Curriculum.  For over 3 weeks, Armando and Alex were able to explore their skills and passions as up and coming student affairs professionals within the context of first generation, low income...

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August 1, 2015

Gentrification. Social Media. Stereotypes. Immigration. Consumerism. 

Upward Bound students were hard at work this summer taking Film: The Integrated Art for the first time. Instructor Rudy Dueñas developed a curriculum that has taken our students to the intersection of the world of film and their most pressing issues as up and coming leaders.

Over the course of 5 weeks, students utilized IPADs, cameras, and Adobe Premiere to develop their capstone project for the class—a student researched, recorded, designed, and edited short film addressing a pressing issue in their life. In small groups, they’ve educated the entire Upward Bound community on the history of issues from Gentrification to Immigration to present a film that not only captures their perspectives, opinions, and reflections on these societal problems, but that also provides sophisticated recommendations that would make the world an easier place to live in.

Check out our student-led films below. These are just a glimpse into the...

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July 25, 2015

Summer Program...a time to blossom. 

Many Upward Bound students have had to navigate the life circumstances they confront with deep courage—courage to honor their history and courage to dream their future. This year, the Summer Residential Program’s theme was “Navigating with Courage” and part of that navigation included the ability to reflect on ourselves to identify our strengths, passions, and aspirations.

SY 15 marked the incorporation of the Leadership Seminars, workshops offered to 10th and 11th graders led by residential tutors and our NASPA NUFP intern. These 5 seminars allowed students to sequentially discover their leadership style and self-identify one issue in the community they will pursue upon returning to their high school. The development of this curriculum is rooted in Youth Participatory Action Research and the need equip students with resources to start their advocacy work.

Student development is multifaceted...

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May 28, 2015

One closing represents another beginning...

May 23rd marks the culminating ceremony for Seniors who have participated in Upward Bound since their 9th or 10th grade. It is with honor we celebrate the Class of 2015’s triumphs, struggles, and growth in year of mutual learning and changing relationships. Thus, Senior Ceremony was not only Upward Bound’s departing gift to the seniors—it was an opportunity to show the underclassmen what it means to navigate high school with the Upward Bound family.  As Upward Bound continues to grow and deepen its relationship to students and the community, Senior Breakfast allows for the UB members to share their love for one another (and enjoy delicious breakfast provided by the always appreciated Campus Dining.)...

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May 12, 2015

A Celebration for the Parents!

With over 53 parents activity involved in our Parent Institute, we are very proud to bring 2014-2015 Parent Institute to a close. This year marked the creation and implementation of the Parent Institute, a program that explores effective communication techniques between students, parents and Upward Bound in order to see students develop into stronger and more determined scholars. The celebratory Parent-Student Luncheon provided a key opportunity for students and their parents to speak directly to one another with guided questions to better understand each other's struggles and needs. The luncheon not only provided us a venue to thank the parents for thier dedication but to also allow them to express their appreciation for Upward Bound...

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April 23, 2015

Words cannot express how proud we are!

This past Monday, Upward Bound received the amazing news that UB Senior Jose Meneses has been selected as a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholarship recipient! We jumped, we cried, we laughed, we celebrated this extraordinary award because this is a national recognition awarded to only 1000 graduating seniors from low income, underrepresented communities.  Jose’s commitment to establish himself as a respectable agent of change and deep commitment to leadership in the northeast Los Angeles region has earned him this prestigious scholarship which will fully cover the cost of attendance not only to Jose’s undergraduate institutions, UC Davis, but will also fully fund a graduate level education.

This accomplishment represents another scholar in the...

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April 1, 2015

From LA to the Bay: The Platinum Club Story

This year marked the beginning of Upward Bound’s Platinum Club, a special project that tailors to juniors with at least a 3.8 GPA needed additional tailored services for competitive admission to the top universities in the country. Through events such as LA’s Cash for College and SAT Bootcamps, these scholars are exposed to high stake admission criteria and are guided to push forth in their personal and academic development.

As part of their incentives to push themselves to learn SAT vocabulary, Platinum Club juniors where challenged with 4 SAT vocabulary quizzes, with the students with the highest scores earning a spot on the Northern California College...

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March 11, 2015

UB Class of 2015 first official college home!

Congratulations Lay!

After participating in the Franklin and Marshall College’s Collegiate Leadership Summit, UB Senior Ngoun Lay decided to move foward in his college journey by applying Early Decision. To ensure that Early Decision would be a responsible step, the financial aid offered released an estimated financial award letter which outlined the amount of gift aid and loans. UB gave him the greenlight to proceed and we are pleased to announce that Ngoun Lay will be attending Franklin and Marshall College with a -2000 award letter! Yes, that is a negative. This means that Lay has earned a FULL RIDE to this well-established liberal arts campus in Pennsylvania! We are so proud of you!

The Upward Bound family...

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February 23, 2015

Community College: An opportunity to redefine yourself as a student. 

Sometimes the words "Community College" ignites negative perceptions to many students. However, for thousands, this system provides you support your need to be the first in your family to earn a Bachelor's degree. It may not be an easy system to navigate but with Upward Bound we can ensure you are taking the right clases to transfer to a 4 year, earn a AA, participate in enrichment programs and ultimately acheive your college goals.
It is all in your mindset.
Listen to college freshmen Geovani Malta share his testimonial upon completing his first semester at East Los Angeles College.


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February 17, 2015

Congratulations to the four Platinum Club Juniors who earned a Northern California college tour!

This academic year marks the inauguration of the Platinum Club for Upward Bound, a special program within UB that tailors services to juniors and seniors with at least a 3.8 GPA for admission at top-tier universities across the country. Current junior Platinum Club members have been taking monthly SAT vocab quizzes with two incentives: 1) to help strengthen their scores and 2) to be able to earn a spot on the Northern California College Tour. The competition has been fierce for all Platinum Club members and they should expect to continue more practice in SAT prep well into the academic year. Congratulations to Chente Aguirre, Shirley Beteta, Lilly Garcia, and Ezequiel Ramos for their hard work!

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