The College Cabinet is composed of faculty, staff, and student leaders, with the primary goal of helping to improve communication and understanding across the College.

College Cabinet meetings facilitates cross-unit discussion and opens the door for collaborations and strategic planning efforts. Given existing governance structures, the Cabinet is not a decision-making body, but rather a key forum for presenting and previewing issues that impact the college as whole.

Created in Fall 2020 by President Elam, the College Cabinet meets approximately four times a year, twice each semester. Each meeting features presentations from different constituent groups on the work they do and their objectives for the year. The Cabinet’s first meeting is October 15, 2020.

Occidental College Cabinet (FY22)

Kristi Allen - Associate Vice President of Institutional Planning
Bronwyn Beck - Director of Product & Technical Web Administration
Carolyn Brighouse - Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs; Professor, Cognitive Science & Philosophy
Ron Buckmire - Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs; Professor, Mathematics
*David Carreon Bradley – Vice President for Equity & Justice and Chief Diversity Officer
*Haley Carleton ’22 - History
Charlie Cardillo - Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Gerald Craft - Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services & Deputy CIO
Carola Donnerhak - Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives
Harry J. Elam, Jr. – President
Salvador Fernandez - Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Professor, Spanish & French Studies
*Sharla Fett - Faculty Council President; Professor, History
*Ellie Findell ‘22 - ASOC President; History
Rob Flot - Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Randy Glazer - Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
*Susan Grayson - Faculty Council; Professor, Spanish & French Studies
Mary Beth Heffernan - Faculty Council; Professor, Art and Art History
Amos Himmelstein - Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
*Aleem Hossain – Faculty Council; Assistant Professor, MAC
Matthew Jackson ‘24 - Undeclared
*Nora Kahn – General Counsel
Suzy LaCroix - Associate Vice President, Campaign Management
Charlie Leizear - Assistant Vice President of Strategic Enrollment and Dean of Admission
Maricela L. Martinez – Vice President of Enrollment
Michelle McMichael - Director of Campaign Communications
Amy Munoz - Associate Vice President of Hospitality Services
Shanda Ness - Athletic Director
*Oluwabukunmi (Kunmi) Onasanya ‘25 – Undeclared
*Ryan Preston-Roedder – Faculty Council; Associate Professor, Philosophy
Marisela Ramirez - ASC Staff Co-Chair; Programming & Communications Coordinator, Oxy Arts
Marci Raney - Faculty Council; Associate Professor, Kinesiology
*Sheryl Reinschmidt - Director of Financial Aid
*Christopher Reyes – Interim Director, Facilities Management
Maureen Royer - Associate Vice President for Individual Giving
Vivian Garay Santiago - Associate Dean of Students & Director of Student Success
Marsha Schnirring - Secretary of the College / Accreditation Liaison Officer
Marty Sharkey - Vice President for Marketing & Institutional Initiatives
Wendy Sternberg - Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
Isaiah Thomas - Assistant Dean of Students; Director of Residential Education, Housing Services & Student Conduct
Jim Tranquada - Director of Communications
James Uhrich - Vice President for ITS & Chief Information Officer
Barbara Valiente - Associate Vice President / Controller
Cori Vallembois - ASC Admin Co-Chair; Assistant Director of Operations, Athletics

*Indicates new member for FY22

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