Student Testimonials

Hear what a few of our students have to say about their experiences engaging with the community.

As the director and founder of Boundless Brilliance, I have been challenged as a leader. Oxy has provided me with excellent mentors to guide and support me throughout this process. I have learned about how to provide vision for the organization while simultaneously delegating and trusting the members to help the organization blossom.”

Audrey Astarr Shawley ’18

SLICE Campus Compact Student Community Engagement Fellow

CCBL helped me expand my understanding of both community and education. In so doing, it shifted the course of my entire economic trajectory, and has inspired me to continue with the program in grad school. While my position as an EIA Facilitator certainly provided me with professional skillscoordinating events, transportation and fundingI think the personal impact of CCBL has been even more profound. Not only do I think that I have developed the skills to discuss and apply the theories I am learning at Oxy to life outside the classroom, but I have also developed much more effective communication skills. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without CCBL, and I am so grateful for the people I have met and the relationships I have made throughout these experiences.”

Sam Royall ’18

CCBL Education in Action Facilitator

I would characterize my experiences involving CCBL as a synergism of personal development that have enabled me to become more of a natural leader, which has invariably led to me to carve out leadership roles in the subsequent positions I've had throughout my time at Oxy. In this way, I have really developed as a leader and I now have more confidence in my abilities to problem solve and empower individuals.”

Diego Julian Zapata ’19

CCBL Education in Action Facilitator

As the leader of a volunteer team at Recycled Resources, I have really had the ability to build a relationship with my volunteers. I have enjoyed coordinating them because it places more of the work on me and allows them to just show up and volunteer. I enjoy being a leader and having that role. It has taught me how to respond to people in the way they need and the best way I can. Being part of a group and having a listening role is also important."

McKenna Maness ’18

SLICE Campus & Community Organizer