Support Services

Support Services

Do you want to leave Oxy a straight-A student? A multi-linguist who knows Newton’s laws backward and forward? Or maybe a happily overbooked socialite who still excels in the classroom? However you define academic success, we’re here to help you achieve it.

Advising Center
Need assistance tracking your progress toward meeting Core and major/minor requirements or help connecting with a faculty advisor? The Advising Center guides students through their academic path at Oxy.

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
A few extra one-on-one sessions could be the difference between passing with flying colors and merely passing. CAE provides writing and discipline-specific assistance as well as workshops on study skills, time management, exam prep, and more. Students with disabilities can also find plenty of resources here.

Office of Disability Services (ODS)
Every student deserves a level playing field. ODS works with students and faculty to provide reasonable accommodations for those who need them, and assists students with personal advocacy.

Keck Language and Culture Studio
The best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it. Short of spending a year abroad, Keck is an excellent resource for interactive language-learning tools and programs.

Academic Mastery Program (AMP)
In the classroom and on the job market, competency in mathematics and science are increasingly valuable. AMP organizes workshops that challenge and develop students’ skills in those areas while fostering an active intellectual community.

Scientific Scholars Achievement Program (SSAP)
SSAP is student-born and led. It organizes tutoring sessions, study groups, and community events that bring together faculty and a diverse group of students to celebrate and promote the study of science, technology, engineering, and medicine.

Multicultural Summer Institute
Don’t have time to explore L.A. during the school year? The Multicultural Summer Institute hosts about 50 students every summer in a month-long interdisciplinary program that combines coursework with field trips that build on classroom learning.

Oxy Engage
Every year, incoming students get to know Oxy and each other through our signature Oxy Engage trips. Frosh can choose between OxyConnects (community service-oriented activites); OxyEncounters (field trips exploring the diversity of arts and culture in L.A.); or OxyExplores (wilderness hikes involving kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing, or nature conservation — or all of the above).

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
For those seeking spiritual or religious communities and connections, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life can point you in the right direction. The office provides support and advocacy for open dialogue, as well as mutual respect and acceptance.