Some of our department's recent honors:

2019 DWA End of Year Honors:

Young Award for Highest Achievement Among Seniors: Mia Smutny 

Young Award for Best Senior Comps Thesis:

 Kira Elliot - “Human Trafficking Victims Turned Perpetrators: Restorative Justice in the ICC Case of Dominic Ongwen”

Chidire Ezreh - ”Home Away from Home: A Study of Diasporas and the Loss of Human Capital in Nigeria”

Mia Smutny - “Diverging Nationalisms: A Comparative Study of French and German Far-Right Politics in the Postwar Era”

Young Award for Best Use of Fieldwork for a Senior Thesis: Marianna Babboni - “The Revolution Conundrum in Cameroon: The Roles of Civil Society and the Informal Sector in Sustaining the State”

Young Award for Most Cutting Edge Thesis: Allegra Messina - “Facebook as a Digital Colonizer: The Free Basics Program and Strategies for Resistance”

Young Award for Best Interdisciplinary Thesis: Juliah Lee -  “Putting Theory into Practice: Integrating Moral Disengagement Theory into Counter-Terrorism”

Young Award for Best Thesis on Identity: Daniella Khersonsky - “The Utilization of Societal Racialization: An Alternative  Approach to Increasing Syrian Asylum in the United States”

Young Award for Best Thesis on Democratic Theory: Olivia Hartman - “Israel's Ethnic Democracy: A Cautionary Tale”

Young Award for Best Thesis on Sustainability: Brandon Gertz - “The Dismal Policy: Overcoming Public Mistrust of Carbon Taxes”

DWA Award for Contribution to Intellectual Life Outside the Classroom: HallaKeir

DWA Distinguished Service Award: Maya Angulo


Congratulations also to Adelaide Willis - Winner of the prestigious Boren Fellowship!


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