COVID-19 Policies

Media Arts & Culture Department Spring ’21 COVID-19 Media Production Policies

Health and safety are always of paramount importance in media production. However, the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates specific adjustments of departmental policies for Media Arts & Culture courses with media production components.

The Department has therefore produced a series of specific SP 21 COVID-19 policies that supersede many of the regular logistical policies of the Student Production Handbook. Students are still accountable for all other general department policies (e.g. regarding budget caps, hazardous shooting conditions, release forms, length, etc.) covered in the handbook.

Your professor will go over these policies with you at the start of the semester, and you are required to sign and return a Safety Contract (issued by your faculty member) acknowledging your understanding of and agreement to adhere to departmental policies before you are permitted to proceed with the class.

In addition to adhering to departmental policies, students are required to stay informed of and adhere to all College/campus and local/regional health and safety protocols regarding COVID-19.

Course-specific information will also be provided by your professor, tailored to the nature of your class context.

When in doubt ask your professor, or Manager of Digital Production Diana Keeler before proceeding. Ignorance of policies and protocols is not an excuse.



Due to health and safety considerations, the Media Arts & Culture Equipment Center in Weingart will be closed. Specific equipment packages will be provided to students in particular course contexts. The associated allocation and return of these equipment packages will be coordinated within your individual class. Authorized equipment is restricted to the package provided to you in your class context. This is not only a matter of health and safety but also a matter of equity amongst your course cohort. Furthermore, demos and technical support in your class will be designed around the assigned equipment and software packages. Use of any other equipment is not permitted without prior approval by your faculty member.


External Drives, Software, and Computers:

Due to health and safety considerations, the Media Arts & Culture Computer Lab in Weingart will be closed. We are working to provide software licenses needed in particular courses to those enrolled students. Faculty will also survey students and work to ensure all students in their course have access to a computer able to run course software, coordinating further with ITS as needed. As with any semester, students are still responsible for providing their own external hard drive and backing up their projects (talk with your professor on particular drive specifications and protocols).



Any set or location-based production must be completed individually. The reason we are providing you with equipment packages is because equipment cannot be safely shared or sanitized, and customary media production practices do not permit the level of physical distancing and contact reduction required to adhere to health and safety protocols. Your faculty members will provide course-specific prompts and recommendations for appropriately and inventively scaling projects to feasible, safe levels.



Regardless of project form (fiction, documentary, experimental, etc.) students are only permitted to record on-set or field-based content with individuals or family members with whom they are podding/living, or those you can engage and collaborate with virtually (screen capture, participant contribution of media content, etc.). Any potential engagement with performers or participants other than that described above must be approved in advance via the hazardous shooting conditions proposal process outlined in the Student Production Handbook (see Making Sure Your Project is Safe).



Any on-set or field-based photography is restricted to either (1) your own personal residential space, or (2) exterior locations where physical distancing protocols are possible, and in either case, only with actors/participants as described above. Protocols regarding on- and off-campus location reservations and permits detailed in the Student Production Handbook still apply (see Locations).