Anderson Flash Grants

The Anderson Flash Grant program allows students to quickly apply for funds from the Politics Department’s Anderson account during Summer 2020.

These funds will support professional development, internship-related, research-related, or other educational activities. For example, a student may apply for:

  • A fee to attend an online seminar, such as a talk given by Stacey Abrams that carries a $50 registration fee

  • A fee to attend an online course that is not for academic credit, such as a two-week activist bootcamp that carries a $350 registration fee

  • Reimbursement for expenses related to independent research projects or unpaid internships, whether carried out online or in-person**

** In-person activities and/or travel must adhere to all College policies and local and state guidelines. Further, in-person activities and/or travel must maintain safe social and physical distancing by following all medical advice and ethical imperatives, which supersede any more permissive local and state guidelines. All proposals for in-person activities and/or travel require a significant justification. 

** Any research activities involving contact with human subjects (including virtual contact, such as interviews conducted via Zoom) must have received HSRRC approval. Students can consult the HSRRC page for more information, including summer operating restrictions on new applications. A copy of the HSRRC approval form must accompany the application. 

Who can receive a Flash Grant? 

Any declared POLS or UEP major enrolled at Occidental for the Fall 2020 semester. Students who graduated in May 2020 are not eligible. 

How can I apply for a Flash Grant?

The application is submitted online and is available via this form. You must be signed in to your Oxy Google account to complete the application. For applications under $350, the form should take about ten minutes to complete. 

How much is a Flash Grant? 

Flash Grants are available for any amount between $1 and $1500. 

Applications for under $350 do not require a faculty recommendation. 

Applications for $350 or more require a faculty recommendation, available via the online faculty recommendation form. The recommendation should take under 5 minutes to complete. Applications for over $350 are not considered complete until the recommendation is received.

How long is this program in force?

Flash Grants are available for expenses incurred between June 1 and until one week before the start of the Fall 2020 term (currently August 21, 2020, but subject to change). Students seeking support during the Fall 2020 term may apply to the regular Anderson Grants and Fellowship program.

Who decides if my application is successful?

The Flash Grant committee is Professor Thalia González and Professor Jennifer Piscopo. Depending on the request, decisions will be made by Professors González and Piscopo alone or in consultation with other POLS and UEP faculty. 

How long will it take to hear if my application was successful?

Flash Grants for under $350 will be decided in two business days-- that is, excluding weekends and federal holidays. Flash Grants for $350 or over may take up to five business days for approval. 

How long will it take to receive my money? 

Flash Grant monies will be processed by the Politics Department’s Administrative Assistant, Romy Corona. Students will coordinate directly with Romy to receive their money. Funds can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive via check or direct deposit. 

What do I need to do after receiving my money? 

Students must submit receipts for their supported activity to Romy Corona ( as soon as possible, and no later than the first day of classes in the Fall 2020 term. Students failing to submit receipts by this date will be required to return the funds. If students failing to submit receipts also cannot return the funds, the funds will be billed to their student account. 

Can I receive a Flash Grant even if I’ve received Anderson Grants or Fellowships before? 

Yes. Flash Grants do not count against the cap on Anderson Grants and Fellowships.

How many Flash Grants can I receive? 

Each activity requires a separate application. For instance, if a student wants to (1) attend an organizing course and also (2) attend an online lecture with Stacey Abrams, they must submit two applications. At present, there are no limits on the number of applications students can submit, but students  are encouraged to treat this community resource with respect. 

I am really struggling financially right now. Can a Flash Grant help me?

We know times are tough, but unfortunately, Flash Grants are not need-based aid. Flash grants are not hardship grants. Flash Grants cannot pay for room, board, gas, transportation, or food and groceries except for limited and rare cases where students are travelling to an internship or research site -- and provided that such travel is allowed by all College, local, state, medical, and ethical guidelines designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Flash Grants also cannot be used to make donations to non-profit, humanitarian, community-based, or charitable organizations in the United States or abroad, except where students are paying fees to receive services or participate in events or activities (e.g., online seminars).

I have a question about Flash Grants. Who can I ask? 

You can email Professors Thalia González and Jennifer Piscopo. Please allow up to two business days for a response.