What's at Stake
October 15, 2020

A recorded webinar with expert panelists discussing "What's at Stake in November: Politics in the time of crisis" moderated by UEP Assistant Professor J. Mijin Cha.

Climate Equity Network
April 23, 2019

A Roadmap to an Equitable Low-Carbon Future: Four Pillars for a Just Transition

How to Run a Progressive City
March 11, 2019

Open to the Oxy Community


James Rojas
November 29, 2018

Urban planner James Rojas re-imagines cities and he uses random objects to do that. Old Legos and rubber ducks, hair curlers and wine corks. Today, he’s visiting an Urban Planning & Environmental Policy class at Occidental College. Click here to watch the clipping.  

Image for Pastic Ban PSA
October 5, 2018

Students in UEP 300: Environmental Law and Policy drafted a regulation to start phasing out use of single-use plastics on campus. In addition to the regulation, and parallel to actual regulatory processes, students also compiled an impact statement to detail the ban's economic, environmental, and health impacts.

Image for Oxy Grads on the Front Line of the Urban Crisis
May 7, 2018
Many Oxy alums are working for nonprofit groups, government agencies, and research/policy centers that address the serious issues facing our cities – poverty and unemployment, housing, pollution, immigration reform, transportation, and public health, among them.
Image for Climate Justice Students Toured Oil Fields and Toxic Sites
April 27, 2018

UEP 230 Climate Justice: Theory and Practice students toured oil fields and toxic sites in the Central Valley with assistant professor Mijin Cha.