Event Videos

See filmed lectures and events sponsored by the Young Initiative below.

Cross-Cutting Global Conversations on Human Rights Workshop

Implementing the Local SDGs in Los Angeles with Erin Bromaghim

In 2019, Occidental College’s Young Initiative on the Global Political Economy, USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health, Arizona State University, and Indiana University gathered thought leaders from around the world for a two-day workshop for multi-disciplinary discussions around the global crisis in human rights and ways in which these challenges can be addressed.

Global Ambition, Local Action - Keynote Address by Mayor Eric Garcetti at Occidental College

To kick-off Occidental Colleges 2018 UN Week, Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti delivered the keynote address to launch the Global Ambition-Local Action (GA-L.A.) Initiative, followed by a plenary panel on Cities, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Diplomacy with Deputy Mayor for International Affairs Nina Hachigian and other city officials from around the world. UN Week is sponsored by Occidentals Young Initiative on the Global Economy, the Kahane Program at the United Nations, and the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs.


Global Sustainable Development Speaker Series

Paul Divakar: Can the SDGs Be a Vehicle to Break the Impunity of Discrimination Based on Caste and Ethnicity? Paul Divakar, General Secretary of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) and a transnational foice for peoples affected by Discrimination based on Work or Descent (DWD) spoke about the struggles faced by these communities and the growing power of international groups that link these communities outside their countries. (11/21/2017)

Aditya Agrawal: The Data Revolution Aditya Agrawal, director of data ecosystems development at the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data spoke about the Data Revolution and how it can be harnessed in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. (10/17/2017)

Laura Manley: Open Data for Sustainable Development Co-founder of the Center for Open Data Partnership, Laura Manley’s presentation focused mainly on targeted group work, where students were asked to create teams to analyze some of the challenges facing the use of data to measure progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. (11/01/2016)

Sustainable Change: Institutions, Law, and Movements in the Advancement of Sexual Orientation and Gender-Related Rights This event brought together trailblazing academics, policymakers and activists who continue to pioneer this historic movement. As the panelists considereded how the conceptual shifts to which they have contributed impacted the lived realities of sexual and gender minorities around the world, they also delved into subsequent breakthroughs, backlashes and future possibilities. Panelists: Alice M. Miller, Cynthia Rothschild, Margaret Satterthwaite. Moderator: Anthony Chase. (10/26/2015)

Laurent Lamothe: New Approaches to Development Former Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, visited Occidental to deliver a speech on new ideas of economic development, given post-Quake recovery and experience. (09/28/2016) 


Trump and the World Speaker Series

Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Trump and China Jeffrey Wasserstrom is a noted academic, specializing in Chinese history. He is Chancellor's Professor of History and Department Chair at University of California, Irvine and has written for renowned academic periodicals including China Quarterly, Urban History, the Journal of World History, and others. Wasserstrom has also authored many books, his most recent being China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know and Chinese Characters: Fast-Changing Lives in a Fast-Changing Land. Wasserstrom is an Associate Fellow of the Asia Society and a former consultant for prize-winning filmmakers. (09/27/2017)

William Drozdiak: Trump and Europe William Drozdiak gave a lecture offering insight into the current political arenas of the United States and Europe, and the implications of such that we may expect to see in the coming years. (09/25/2017)

Carmen Chu: Journey to Public Service Carmen Chu is the elected Assessor-Recorder of the City and County of San Francisco. Chu graduated from Occidental in 2000 and returned to campus Tuesday to share the story of her path to public service. (10/25/2016)

Stephen Walt: Follies, Foibles, and Fiascos Stephen Walt is one of the world's leading political scientists who has authored numerous academic and non-academic articles about Iran's nuclear program as well as several books on the U.S. foreign policy. He asks, not “Why does American foreign policy keep failing?" but “Why does it ever succeed?". (11/19/2015) 

Sexualities, Genders, and Rights: Intersecting Histories The panel highlights work that has informed ongoing social justice campaigns on the relevance of sexual orientation and gender identity-related rights to a number of domains, from local struggles for inclusive justice to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Panelists: Susana Fried, Sofia Gruskin, Ali Miller, Cynthia Rothschild, Ignacio Saiz. Moderator: Anthony Chase. (10/26/2015)

David Sims: The Future of Egypt David Sims is an American economist and urban planner who has led a number of studies about Cairo’s urban development and housing. In his comprehensive and accessible book, Understanding Cairo: The Logic of a City Out of Control, economist and urban planner David Sims sheds a bright light on the intricacies of Cairo’s urban development and also deconstructs some of the misconceptions about the city he loves. (04/06/2015)