Meet Our Team

The CDLA is a hybrid team of librarians, technologists and disciplinary specialists with academic backgrounds.

We act as a touch point for the Oxy community in the integration of library and technology resources into teaching, learning, research and co-curricular experiences. Not sure where to start? Reach us at



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Sam Alfrey

Sam Alfrey, MLIS

Instruction + Research Specialist for Arts and Humanities
As the Arts & Humanities Specialist, Sam collaborates with students and faculty to develop topics and directions for research, with particular emphasis on visual resources and visual...
Yovanna Cifuentes

Yovanna Cifuentes-Goodbody, M.Ed., MSc.

Language Education Specialist
Yovanna works with language students and faculty in the creation and discovery of materials, strategies and new pedagogical approaches that enhance and promote language learning. Her interests...
Lilly Eluvathingal

Lilly Eluvathingal Linden, Ph.D.

Instruction + Research Specialist for the Sciences
Lilly completed her BSc (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Zoology) and MSc (Zoology) in south India. Her interests in Herpetology lead to a PhD (Florida International University, Miami) studying...
Darren Hall Profile Picture

Darren Hall, MLIS

Academic Technology Specialist
Darren works collaboratively with faculty to think through whether and how digital technologies can enhance pedagogy and improve learning outcomes.  A lot of that centers around the use of...
Jacob Alden Sargent

Jacob Alden Sargent, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Instruction & Research
(323) 259-2942
Jacob Alden Sargent is Associate Director for Instruction and Research for the Center for Digital Liberal Arts and has been affiliated faculty in the Cultural Studies Program. Jacob earned his...