Core Values

The Library is a human enterprise at its core. As library and information professionals, we strive to create a place which belongs to everyone and where everyone belongs. 

The Academic Commons brings together many important partners. As stewards of the Library, we partner with students, faculty, staff, and administration in support of the common good by...

Providing equitable access

  • Openness & Sharing: All resourceshuman, physical, and electronicare shared with the entire campus community for curricular and co-curricular usage. We believe a culture of openness and sharing results in scholarship that is more equitable and inclusive, producing better results.

  • Discovery & Usage: We provide fair and equitable access to relevant, appropriate, accurate, and uncensored information. While we acknowledge that our resources are chosen by persons and may include some bias, we represent a vast range of opinions that reflect the depth and variety of resources available in our current information landscape.

  • Efficiency: We strive for excellence in our response to requests. We aim to answer all queries with professionalism to ensure timely services to meet patron needs. We welcome ongoing conversations with our colleagues and patrons across campus in order to respond efficiently to continuously evolve and improve our services.

Fostering connections between and among people, ideas, and resources

  • Inclusion: As a diverse community of learners, we strive to ensure that all members of the community feel included, welcomed and represented in our programming, services, and collections.

  • Community & Collaboration: We strongly affirm the collaborative nature of teaching, learning, and research. We aim to be effective partners with the College’s various stakeholder communities. We recognize that including many different partners in the process of research will lead to thoughtful and insightful results.

Being a force for creative innovation

  • Curiosity & Inquiry: It is our goal to inspire and encourage inspiration in paths to learning and researching. Through our collection development, spaces, and conversations, we strive to engage with user’s curiosities, and help develop and answer all we can. We know that questions will lead to new questions, and we will be colleagues who participate in the processes of inquiries. 

  • Information literacy & Life-long learning: As library and information professionals, it is important for us to engage with the information literacy framework for higher education as defined by the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL). We understand that “information” is vastly defined to be analog and digital, and crosses modalities to include textual information, visual information, and quantitative information, among others. We believe that information literacy is the foreground to a culture of lifelong learning. 

  • Risk-Taking & Experimentation: As a learning organization, we recognize that no success comes without some risk. We value thoughtful risk-taking and turning unexpected outcomes into learning opportunities. We assess trials and errors in line with the goals, processes, and ideas of the college and our professional affiliations.