Documenting Life in the Pandemic

History is happening now. Oxy College Archives invites you to participate, contribute, lift up and preserve voices, stories and evidentiary documents.

Please join Special Collections & College Archives in building our history. We invite you, the Oxy community—faculty, students, administration and staff, and alumni—to contribute your personal experiences with the pandemic, racial justice movement and national events. This has been a difficult time in all our lives and we feel that it is important to capture the ways in which we have responded to a changed world. College archivists are actively collecting campus messages, emails, announcements, student publications and Web pages to document Oxy's response but we are missing firsthand accounts from community members. All voices are welcome and we've harnessed available technologies for individuals and groups to submit materials using an online submissions form. 

Examples of materials you can contribute:

  • A written account of your experience in self-quarantine or quarantining with others, attending classes from home, what you felt when you were told that the campus would be closing, participating in activism and protests, reflections on how the pandemic has changed how you feel about the future. 
  • Artwork.
  • Poetry and prose.
  • Photographs of your home, neighborhood or city that reflect living in a time of a pandemic.
  • A video or audio recording of yourself expressing your thoughts and feelings during this time.
  • An activity in your academic program, class, or cultural organization. 

How to submit online:

  1. Please fill out this form where you can also upload your digital material. 
  2. Be sure to read the Submission Agreement at the end of the form! This agreement allows us to use your content, while you retain copyright to your materials.

At this time, we are only able to accept files that are under 10MB. If you have a larger file, please contact us at  Materials will be preserved in Special Collections & College Archives for long-term access. They will be stored securely in our digital archive. (You must be 18 years of age or older to submit content. If you are under 18, please ask a parent or guardian to submit content on your behalf. Thank you!)

If you have any questions about the types of materials you can donate to the 2020 archive, please feel free to contact us at If you have printed matter or recordings (i.e.non-digital materials) you would like to contribute, please send an email to to arrange submission when we can accept them safely.