Meet Our Researchers

Multisensory Lab


Headshot of Carmel Levitan

Carmel Levitan

Professor, Cognitive Science
(323) 259-2877

Carmel Levitan studies multisensory interactions, researching how the different senses integrate information.

Professor Aleksandra Sherman

Aleksandra Sherman

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science
(323) 259-2786

Aleksandra Sherman studies how our senses, emotions, and cognitive capabilities integrate to influence our perceptions and social interactions.


“Individual differences in multisensory integration: an EEG study”

Cassia Harrison, 2020; Alexandra Lang, 2021; Kristine Lee, 2021; Zach Montes, Intern

“Multisensory sequence learning”

Yuki Han, 2021; Sarah Hofmann, 2020; Maria Salter, 2019

“Individual differences in music processing”

Janell Johnson, 2020

“Classifying the EEG signatures of emotions”

Chloe Zeller, 2019

“Multi-lab uncanny valley study”

Neeha Kadavakolanu, 2020; Layal Bata, 2021; Betsy Li, 2020; Maeve Clayton, 2021

“Psychological Accelerator: the valence-dominance model of face perception across the world”

Hannah Wagner, 2019; Sally Zhou, 2020; Lauren Parks, 2021

“Color-shape associations”

Vanessa Nguyen, 2019