Gabe Gregory

Minority Carriers; what are they?

Faculty Mentor: Daniel Snowden-Ifft, Physics Department

Major: Physics

Funding: The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Science Scholar

During the Summer of 2020 designs for an experimental apparatus to determine the mass distribution via mass spectrometry of CS2 negative ions (minority carriers) created in 40 Torr were completed, and the complete experimental apparatus was constructed. Several computer simulations were created to make optimization adjustments to various components of the apparatus, and supplementary electron experiments were carried out to empirically verify electric field lines created by electrostatic configurations on a custom designed programmable circuit board. Ultimately negative ions from ionizing photoelectrons were produced and detected near a 25um hole maintaining a 40 Torr pressure differential. Current efforts are underway to verify the paths of the ions into the high-high vacuum region of the mass spectrometer, which would pave the way for the eventual mass spectrometry of the ions.

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