Genesis Vergara

Community Narratives: A Case Study of Esperanza Community Housing Corporation

Faculty Mentor: Martha Matsuoka, Urban & Environmental Policy Department

Major: Critical Theory & Social Justice

Funding: UEP & UEPI Summer Internship Program: Affordable Housing


During this time where social ties and community relations are strained by social distancing and self-quarantining cultural events and art exhibits continue to be important, if not even more important. Esperanza community Housing Corporation’s focus on nurturing a healthy community through affordable housing, education, art, health, and economic development. I worked under the project coordinator for the Arts and Cultural Program at Esperanza Community Housing researching, editing, and translating for the current “Mujeres del Mercado: Stories and Portrait” exhibition and for future exhibits that Esperanza is planning for later this year. Through my internship I was able to learn what having an accessible and available exposure to a thriving art and culture that shares narratives can do a lot to sustain a community. We are living at a time where we must be separated in order to protect our loved ones and to prevent any contraction of COVID-19. Recording community narratives and displaying them in an artistic way creates a shared knowledge that fortifies the health of the community through inspiration and celebration.


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