Izzy Thomas

"Social Medium Influencers: Star Cluster Formation in Interacting Dwarf Galaxy Pair DM1449+36"

Faculty Mentor: Sabrina Stierwalt, Physics Department

Major: Mathematics

Funding: Hubble Space Telescope grant from the Space Telescope Science Institute


Dwarf galaxies are low mass galaxies thought to be the building blocks of the universe we see today. Analysis of star clusters in merging dwarf galaxies allows for a better understanding of how dwarf galaxies evolve into larger systems. This research examines the star cluster population in dwarf galaxy pair DM1449+36 with images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The research process consisted of making three-color images and constructing a catalog of 1,164 cluster candidates with flux measurements. Further analysis will determine the age, mass and elemental composition of the star clusters in DM1449+36.


Watch my research presentation below.

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