Nora Fujita-Yuhas

Foundations for Solidarity: An Exploration of Art, Race, and Theory

Faculty Mentor: Katarzyna Marciniak, Media Arts & Culture Department

Major: Politics

Funding: Arts and Urban Experience Mellon


This report examines the idea of solidarity as a political topic, which is often neglected in connection with artistic practices. My case studies embrace documentaries, feature films, digital archives, and personal interviews as the grounds upon which to explore the themes of relationality, generative difference, the formation of the collective “we,” through “the work” — a phrase often used in activist circles to indicate the labor of organizing as well as the labor of unlearning the harmful aspects of activism. I argue that these tenets are critical for an articulation of a polyvocal understanding of race and inter-racial coalitions. My methodology engages with transnational feminist discourses focusing on difference, otherness, and the creation of alliances. Each case study emphasizes artistic practices in relation to various racial communities in Los Angeles which have conflictual histories of engagement. These analyses demonstrate that solidarity is both deeply connected to art and enacted through it.

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