Rachel Zhang

Computational investigation into the diastereoselectivity of photoredox hydroalkylation reaction

Faculty Mentor: Jeff Cannon, Chemistry Department

Major: Chemistry

Funding: American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (Grant number 57208UNI1)

In this study we investigate the diastereoselectivity of a particular photoredox hydroalkylation reaction. Previous research on this reaction has been promising in all ways except its poor diastereoselectivity. We sought to understand the reason for this by using computational methods to model the reaction. Our computations were done at the Density Functional Theory (DFT) level, which is inexpensive but also works well for molecules of this size. We used the B3LYP functional for finalized calculations and the 6-311+G (2d, p) basis set. From this investigation we found that the reason for the poor diastereoselectivity was the similarity in energy between the two diastereomeric intermediates and their transition states in the radical section of the reaction.


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