Some URC-sponsored programs include supply or travel awards and others offer reimbursement for expenses.

Please note that the URC must adhere to our Business Office policies.  All requests for reimbursement must include original receipts and be submitted to the URC within 60-days of the original expense. Please allow time for processing by the URC - do not submit on day 59!

Mileage reimbursement rates are based on IRS guidelines (2021 rate: 56 cents per mile) and must exclude base mileage (the distance regularly traveled between home and the college).

The distribution of funds varies by program and will be indicated in the award letter. Make sure to thoroughly read the award letter for specific instructions on how to access the funds. If the check is directly issued to the student then they are responsible to spend the funds to acquire supplies as needed for the project. Make sure to keep track of spending and email the an itemized list on Excel or Word and if possible, receipts, for auditing purposes. If receipts cannot be attained the itemized list alone works. If the funds are transferred to the department, there is no need to involve the URC in the disbursement of these funds but departments should know that all funds must be used during the current fiscal year. There is no rollover to the next fiscal year.

If the student or mentor has individually purchased items and requires reimbursement, s/he must complete a Reimbursement form, attach the original receipts, sign it at the bottom where the Employee Signature is requested and submit directly to the URC. Department codes and approval signatures will be added by the URC. Note for mentors: Make sure to list the student name in the Notes section of the reimbursement form.

*Award recipients are not required to return unspent funds as long as the trip or project was completed but, as previously stated, please keep in mind that any funds awarded are considered to be taxable income. If the project was canceled for any reason, make sure to notify the URC and the unused award funds should be returned for future use by other applicants.

For students in all URC-sponsored programs who have been awarded funds to use in compensating subjects or survey participants:  You will receive an award check for these funds, which you may cash and use to pay your participants.  Please be advised that the amount awarded to you for your use in offering subject compensation is taxable to you, but the College is not obligated to withhold taxes or send you a 1099 form, so please retain a copy of your award letter as part of your tax records. (Since individual tax liability depends on each individual's circumstances, you should contact your personal tax advisor with any questions or concerns.).

Cash Advances: The College is unable to extend a cash advance to students.

Direct Deposit: Click here for information on how to sign up for Accounts Payable Direct Deposit.

For any reimbursement issues or questions not covered here, contact Karla J. Hernández at